Make In India Week And Its Impact On Indian Startups


India has been proud to host first of its kind bizfest promoting what the name says –‘Make in India’. Make in India is beneficial for Indian startups.  With the number of startups mushrooming by the day, India is putting its best foot forward globally.

Make In India But Can India Make It ?

Any startup would look forward to the following from the government.

1) Providing with the essential infrastructure and basic needs of free internet access. Easy access to these needs will help to boost the business.

2) Tax redemptions and convenient processes where no middle man is involved and a single window process is something entrepreneurs are expecting.

3) Making processes hassle free and procedures quick as this will encourage and boost startups at the initial stage itself. Less bureaucracy, paper work and instant approval  will act as incentives for startups.

4) Encouraging entrepreneurs with unique business model and ideas to become independent so that they can easily get investors and loans to get the business on track without any financial hiccups.

The Make in India initiative will create job options and enhance skills in 25 sectors of the economy. This will encourage startups to prosper in their ideas and innovations setting a firm foundation in creating opportunities for a bright future.

Make in India, Digital India, Smart Cities and Skill India To Result In Strong Hiring Activity

As promised by the Government it will be proactive and match the expectations of the innovators taking steps to curtail hurdles or obstacles that may come their way. This will have a great impact on startups and it will open global avenues for them giving them recognition at an early stage.

Make In India Promise – Challenges Faced By SMEs In India !


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