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Malware hits millions of Android users- the apps you need to delete
Clearly, Malware and adware continues to be a major issue on the Google Play store

Android logo depicted
Malware hits millions of Android users- the apps you need to delete right not.
Source: Bleeping computer

Reports suggest how a new set of malicious apps comprising malware and adware has had the chance to go past defences offered by Google, landing on its Play Store. These malicious applications, 36 in number, intended to fool customers into installing them on the devices. These apps pretended to be simple image-editing tools, virtual keyboards, wallpaper choices, along with others.

As these applications give their word to offering additional functions to one’s Android device, they end up putting forward trespassing advertising, making them to subscribe to premium services. Moreover, they took part in stealing social media accounts as they pushed the users to these ways.

The security researchers from Dr. Web, antivirus software maker found these malicious application. This software maker went on to give in additional on every one of these particular application in a new published report. As of now, the search giant has got rid of majority of these harmful apps from the Play Store However, users would still require the manually uninstalling of these apps if they have any of these on their devices.

The apps that appear malicious for Android:

Adware apps are rather problematic as greatly contribute draining of users’ cellphone battery as they made to keep on functioning even after its closure. The apps Dr. Web presented were simply modifications of the adware groups that already existed on the store. They can run over other applications as they ask for permission to use cover windows at the time of installation. Moreover, they even have the power to conceal their app logos in the app folder.

Researchers from the software maker discovered such apps on the Play store that harm devices which have the Joker malware in them. They are rather risky as this malware has the power to sign up users for premium subscription services without letting them know.

Additionally, apparent photo editing apps such as YouToon and Pista, often used to add cartoon effects on images are reportedly made to take data from Android devices that hackers can use to get into Facebook accounts of users.

Reports specify how one can protects themselves from falling victim to such malware, which is mainly through the deletion of a range of these apps that could contain such malware, and present on users’ phones. It also recommends the use of antivirus apps to locate possible virus.

The apps that require deletion are:

  • Photo Editor: Beauty Filter
  • Photo Editor: Retouch & Cutout
  • Photo Editor: Art Filters
  • Photo Editor – Design Maker
  • Photo Editor & Background Eraser
  • Photo & Exif Editor
  • Photo Editor – Filters Effects
  • Photo Filters & Effects
  • Photo Editor : Blur Image
  • Photo Editor : Cut, Paste
  • Emoji Keyboard: Stickers & GIF
  • Neon Theme Keyboard
  • Neon Theme – Android Keyboard
  • Cashe Cleaner
  • FastCleaner: Cashe Cleaner
  • Call Skins – Caller Themes
  • Funny Caller
  • CallMe Phone Themes
  • InCall: Contact Background
  • MyCall – Call Personalization
  • Caller Theme
  • Caller Theme
  • Funny Wallpapers – Live Screen
  • 4K Wallpapers Auto Changer
  • NewScrean: 4D Wallpapers
  • Stock Wallpapers & Backgrounds
  • Notes – reminders and lists