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Man built a hot tub heated by Bitcoin mining

Bitcoin mining is an energy-intensive affair and produces a lot of heat. So, to make the process more efficient and utilize the excessive heat, companies have been planning to use it for warming water for municipalities, heat buildings, and more. And this hot-tub heated by Bitcoin mining is just a cool depiction of that.

The hot tub heated by Bitcoin mining!

The video shows that the hot tub is heated from the heat generated by the mining rig that is situated at the top side of the tub. This means any excess heat that is generated from the mining can be utilized to take a warm bath. But since you can’t bathe all day, this is not a very efficient process. However, on a larger scale, we can actually generate a lot of heat that can be really useful for society.

There are specific companies that are treating this as a viable business. This means they are buying heat from Bitcoin mining companies. Hence, these companies are able to profit not only from the coins they mine but save a lot of electricity costs from excess heat generation. This will make their operations even more viable and efficient. At the same time, nothing is wasted, and the carbon footprint of BTC reduces drastically.

Bitcoin already uses the energy that no one needs, as said by Michael Saylor. And now that same energy is being put to good use, which is a great thing for the environment. As said earlier, Bitcoin is our chance at a greener environment. This is not because it doesn’t consume energy but because it pushes forward the narrative of the usage of renewable sources for electricity.

What are your thoughts on the bathtub heated by Bitcoin mining? And are you excited to see more such projects in the future? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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