Mark Cuban thinks Sam Bankman is Afraid of Jail
Mark Cuban thinks Sam Bankman is Afraid of Jail

Mark Cuban thinks Sam Bankman is Afraid of Jail

 Mark Cuban In his recent interview with TMZ mentioned that although he is not aware of the complete details of the former CEO of FTX Sam Bankman-Fried but had he been with him he would have been afraid of going to jail for the longest time. Although Cuban has been skeptical of the approach of Sam Bankman in the management of FTX, he is seen to be Positive about the future of the crypto industry.

Mark Cuban thinks Sam Bankman is Afraid of Jail
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In the interview, Cuban further mentioned that he had a chance to meet Sam Bankman and Cuban thought Sam Bankman was a smart person, but Cuban was not having any idea that Sam Bankman will be e using people’s money to execute the personal plans

Who is Mark Cuban?

The 64 years old mark Cuban is an American billionaire along with being a TV personality and owner of one American basketball team Dallas mavericks. According to the reports of Forbes for the year, 2020 mark Cuban is considered as 177th richest man in the US on Forbes 400 list.

With this rank is estimated to have approximately $4.8 billion of net worth capital in his total asset portfolio. Cuban is also co-owner of 2929 Entertainment which is an American entertainment and media company.

Although Mark Cuban is seen to be optimistic about the future of cryptocurrency. As per some analysts he is also seen to be responsible for the losses of all the retail investors who have invested and lost their funds in the Crypto industry.

This can be evaluated from the fact that the approximately 3.5 million american retail investors have lost approximately $5 billion into a cryptocurrency asset platform Voyager. As Voyager platform has been facing bankruptcy proceedings in the US.

At one moment Mark Cuban and Stephen Ehrlich, who was the CEO of Voyager allured the Retail investors in America that the meme coin Dogecoin is a popular and real currency and will be considered the strongest medium of the screen soon.

However, the platform Voyager has been undergoing bankruptcy proceedings now in the US. The role of Mark Cuban in Voyager has been a part of the controversy. Mark Cuban in his previous pitches had mentioned that he will be using his huge amount of experience in investment for all the investment approaches into Voyager.

With his views many retail investors invested in Voyager along with that some investors had been investing their life savings into Voyager and its “earn program accounts” which was not a registered securities company in the US. This information was only revealed when the platform Voyager was facing bankruptcy proceedings in the US.