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Mark Zuckerberg introduces new ways for Instagram creators to make money

Mark Zuckerberg

Source: Inc. Magazine

Instagram has always been a platform that serves for more than just social media content. There are people who call themselves Instagram content creators and influencers as their livelihood depends on their number of following in the community and the number of brand deals that they are getting. Instagram has become a source of income for many people but other than providing a platform, there is not much that the platform does for creators with respect to monetising their efforts.

But, according to the recent announcements made by Facebook Inc. Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mark Zuckerberg, the social media conglomerate is certainly introducing a slew of new features for Instagram that would help content creators on the platform to generate more revenue from their content. Instagram could have thought of adding these features much earlier, but better late than never, right?

According to a report by CNBC, one of these new features includes a marketplace on Instagram that would help creators to connect with brands and vice versa for whoever’s content fits the audiences that the brands are trying to reach.

If you are not aware, brands and creators on Instagram are still reaching out to each other via Instagram DMs, cold e-mails, LinkedIn and other means and creators are still getting paid as they bag their brand deals, but evidently, Instagram does not play a major role in uniting these two entities and acts as a mere platform with the number of following considered as validation.

Instagram content creators or influencers are still posting “Sponsored posts” on their profile and this new feature i.e., the marketplace offered by Instagram is launched to be playing a more active role in helping brands discover their idea set of creators to target their audience and the creators to connect with the desired brand that gives them more reach and better revenues for promoting their product or service.

Apple has recently released its latest iOS 14.5 update which includes stricter privacy settings for the social media company to track and target advertisements to iPhone and iPad users. These new features launched by Facebook Inc. for Instagram are basically to enable a more effective and direct communication stream on the platform. With relevant information that Facebook collects from your application usage, it will deliver more personalised advertisements to users and show the effectiveness of these ads to advertisers and brands, as mentioned in a report by CNBC.

Other than this, Mark Zuckerberg says that people look to content creator experts and influencers on the platform to check out recommendations on products that they are experts on. Keeping this in mind, the company has also additionally announced an affiliate marketplace that would allow content creators to get a percentage of sales for products and services that they recommend to their community through their content.



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