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Sports Car Maker Lotus to Invest $2.8 Billion in shifting towards EV
England based Lotus is a sports car maker shifting to electric vehicle manufacturing.

The British sports car maker said that they will invest more than two billion pounds in technology involving the making of EVs. Furthermore, Lotus plans to sell their sports cars only in EV by 2028.

Lotus Evija

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As many automakers already initiating towards making electric sports cars. Yet, there have been issues. Formula-E itself faces issues with things like speed, efficiency, and reliability. The design of a sports car has different needs than a regular car. This is also the reason why the sports car industry has been slow so far.

Making sports cars

Confidence doesn’t come out of the blue. As the company said its goals, they were already backed by a Chinese firm Geely and Malaysian firm, Etika. These companies are going to support Lotus, so the production factory can make at least 1,500- 10,000 cars per year. Or it could increase with worldwide demand.

Wuhan, a city in China is to have a Lotus manufacturing factory. The managing director, Matt Windle says,

“This really is a new era for us. Not only will it be accessible in terms of price point. But our quality is going to take a huge leap forward as well.”

By the time the carmaker plans to turn electric, they will turn 80 years of successful running by that time.

Heavy batteries

Batteries are of the highest importance. As the vehicle weight increases with better battery performance. However, the same battery weight can slow down the car’s performance. Hence, different sports car makers are working towards the same goal to achieve lightweight batteries.

By the end of the year, Lotus plans to release Evija. Furthermore, Evija is its electric car model to be sold in a limited edition of 130 cars. Each car is estimated to cost around 2 pounds.

Evija was first launched in 2019. Then the company said that they are evaluating the testing process of mileage. To make the car travel thousands of miles. Furthermore, the car has a battery pack of 70kw. And the car’s motors have an integral powertrain.

Also, the company is working towards making a platform with Renault and Alpine. This platform is specifically for the sports car makers manufacturing electric ones. While technology is one thing, the manufacturing facilities need to produce good quality. Being a sports car, the need to be more efficient with manufacturing is unsaid information.

However, Lotus has huge plans of its own. As the company is backed by other major automakers. There is the scope for making this work by 2028. Which we will eventually know with their hypercharge launch by this year-end.




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