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Mark Zuckerberg reveals nickname given by the employees at Meta
Zuckerberg says how Meta employees refer to him as 'The Eye of Sauron' as a nickname.

Employees of Meta nickname Mark Zuckerberg as ‘The Eye of Sauron”.
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This week, Meta CEO and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg revealed his nickname on The Tim Ferris Show. The tech billionaire disclosed that his employees at the headquarters of Meta ‘lovingly’ call him by the nickname of ‘The Eye of the Sauron.”

‘The Eye of Sauron,’ is also referred to as the ‘the all seeing Eye,’and is the epitome of evil. The reference comes from the universe of Lord of the Rings created by JRR Tolkien. In the books, it was mainly a symbol used by the supporters of the Dark Lord Sauron. They aimed at representing his quasi-omnipotence as he attempted to capture the entirety of Middle Earth forcefully in the events of the story.

On the show, Zuckerberg mentioned how some of the “folks” he works with at the company ‘lovingly’ call him by a nickname. He specified how they would ‘sometimes refer’ to his ‘attentions’ by the term, ‘Eye of Sauron.’ Additionally, he mentioned how this was probably owing to the limitless range of energy he had to ‘work on something,’ and how the focussing it on any team would just ‘burn them.’

“they say this lovingly — but I think that they sometimes refer to my attention as the Eye of Sauron,” Mark Zuckerberg said at the show.”

The billionaire CEO mentioned this moniker following the discussion starting off between him and Ferriss. The discussion was regarding Zuckerberg’s management of energy in the workplace during which he is constantly being bombarded with a wave of information. To this, Zuckerberg remarked he may not be calm or strong-willed enough to simply go ahead with a meditation. He went on to say how he actually requires putting himself in a situation where it is tough to not “focus on that thing.”

There were various reactions on Twitter following his revelation on the show:

Currently, Zuckerberg is visibly putting all his expectations on the Metaverse. This is mainly a more immersive and advanced form of the internet compared to what is it right now. Zuckerberg is aiming for it to be the successor of what we know today as the mobile internet.

The Facebook founder mentioned how the experiences entailed in his metaverse is way beyond today’s possibilities. He promised that it would not just be something we see on a screen but one which we can feel in real as if we are present with another individual. Moreover, this would need advances in a whole spectrum of areas, according to Zuckerberg. “The key to unlocking a lot of these advances is AI.”