Marvel has launched its first NFT on Veve platform

NFTs are becoming very popular day by day. All major companies have been experimenting in the sector and are releasing their own collection. And one of the major contenders in the space will have to be Marvel now as it has launched its first NFT. They have done this in partnership with Veve. With the kind of fanbase the company has, it has the potential to earn a lot in this market.

The Marvel NFTs

Marvel has announced an NFT collection based on Spider-man and Captain America comic books. The inauguration was done on 19th August, and it took just 24 hours for all the 65,000 NFTs to go it of stock. In fact, the might seem series NFTs from Marvel got sold out in just 30 minutes of release. This insane demand shows how popular they are and the kind of money they can make in this market.

Marvel Entertainment to Launch NFTs — Fans Can Soon Hunt for Rare NFT Comic Books – Bitcoin News
Image Source: Bitcoin News

Talking about the NFTs that marvel has released, it comes in five different levels, from common to secret rare. Depending on this factor and the demand, the prices of the NFTs will vary. They have launched one NFT featuring the appearances of the Human Torch, Namor and Sub-Mariner on the first day. In the next two days, the Journey into Mystery and Fantastic Four was launched with 60,000 and 50,000 editions of them, respectively. And finally, the Loki NFT will also be arriving soon with a lot fewer copies and two different rarity levels.

All these NFTs are available on the Veve app on both Android and iOS. And if you are a fan, then go ahead a take a look at the same.

Are NFTs in a bubble?

The NFT space does seem to be in a bubble right now. When we see pure art getting sold for millions, it does make a lot of sense. But the NFT market is weird, and I don’t know why but there are things like rocks and cats getting sold for exorbitant amounts. Sooner or later, people will realise what a blunder they did with their money but in no vain, as no one is going to pay $100k again for a drawing of a rock.

What are your thoughts on the first NFT launched by Marvel? And do you think it is worth paying anything for a digital piece of art? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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