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Marvel’s Midnight Suns has been delayed to the second half of 2022

In a new development update, 2K and Firaxis Games announced that Marvel’s Midnight Suns is set for release in the second half of 2022. In a new statement on the official Twitter page of the game, the developers announced that Midnight Suns will not live until the latter half of 2022 instead of the original March release date.

Marvel's Midnight Suns

Credit @ Marvel

According to Firaxis, in a new Twitter post on the official game account, the development team made the difficult decision to push the game’s release window to the second half of 2022. Firaxis Creative Director Jake Solomon and Senior Producer of the game. shared a statement on the official Twitter confirming that the release window has been moved to the second half of 2022.

The studio promised that the additional time will allow them to not only polish the final game but also spend more time expanding the plot and introducing additional cutscenes. Marvel is hoping that Midnight Suns would be coming by the latter half of 2022 to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Steam, and Switch.

Players will be taking on the role of the Hunter, which will be the original customizable superhero-built exclusively for this game, and leading a pack of OG heroes from the Marvel universe like Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and Midnight Sons to Lilith, the Demon Mother… In the game, players will take on the role of the Hunter, a new hero who has been brought back into existence by the titular organization to help her mother Lilith, mother of all demons.

The game is set in the dark and supernatural side of the Marvel Comics universe that will be bringing together a huge list of different superheroes. There will be a total of 13 heroes from the Marvel realms, from Avengers to Runaways, 12 of which can be played at the launch alongside the Hunter and more to add.

It uses an extensive card-based combat system using the abilities and abilities of Marvel heroes such as Wolverine, Blade, and Iron Man. His card combat looks like an interesting evolution of standard tactical strategy for Firaxis, and it is as well as the opportunity to spend free time with the characters, get to know them personally, and strengthen their bond. Developer Firaxis previously stated that its turn-based combat would be “completely different” from XCOM, which clearly meant that it was a card game – game.

The ongoing additional development of the game will be used to improve the game as well as to expand the story and cutscenes. Firaxis announced that the Marvels superhero strategy game Midnight Suns will not be released in the March release window because Firaxis needed more time to develop this new Marvel game, according to Jake Solomon.

Simply stated, the game takes longer to integrate into the oven and will take four months to install, and the company hinted that the delay was due, at least partially, to the increasing difficulty of creating games as technology improved. While it is unlikely that the Midnight Suns will suffer a similar fate as mentioned, there is always the possibility of getting stuck in development due to unforeseen problems in the game.

In other news Square Enix states – The Marvels Avengers have “didn’t get the success we wanted” revealed Square Enix President Yosuke Matsuda in a new annual report. For Firaxis Creative Director Jake Solomon and Franchise Senior Producer Garth DeAngelis said that work on the game and ownership of Marvel is a “dream project” for the team.





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