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Education is a pillar that helps the country to stand straight and move along the path of challenges quite efficiently.

Traditionally; education had a different ecosystem but the present scenario made it very clear that skills are the new king. Without proper skills & talent; you lack the very essence of success. Having degrees is not sufficient; the possession of requisite skills is important to make a smooth flow across the career path. There were lot of companies established to make people understand their importance and start changing their focus with respect to needs.

One such company; Masai School gets in a raise of $ 5 million in the last week. To know the reasons & strategy ahead let’s know more details:



It is basically the 21st century career focused school that helps to make the untapped talent realize their potential and use it to the fullest. A new model of higher education is the investing domain. The present a facility where the school tries to make investment in students. It is founded in 2019 by Prateek Shukla, Nrupul dev and Ankur Kayesth. They belong to prominent institutions like IIT Kanpur, IIM Bangalore and Mellon University. The company helps the individuals to land in big jobs as they have a network of 450 partners like Samsung, Instamojo and may more.

Masai School is located in Bangalore where online classes are provided. The students need to get through entrance tests & interviews. The major programs are of two types:

  • R-program
  • I-program

The R program is for 30 weeks and is counted in the full-time category while The I program is of 30 weeks but is part time and the time limits are flexible. The topics taught are Javascript, HTML, React, CSS, Redux, MongoDB, Node and Express.

We have coaches from industrial leaders like Amazon, Codenation, Pratilipi, Freecharge, Zynga, Paytm Money and Share Chat. The three popular courses are:


  • Full Stack web development (Full Time)
  • Full Stack Android Development (Full Time)
  • Full Stack Web Development (Part-Time)


The company claims to have been successful in making more than 200 students graduate in 8 different batches. The major competitors are Pesto Tech, Scaler Academy and many more.



The company raised a $ 5 million amount in a series A round. The round was led by Omidyar Network India. In 2020; it was able to raise close to $ 2.5 million as pre-series A round.

The company now; is looking to target 2000 students this year. They are looking to diversify and come up with new programmes in the field of data analytics, product management, UI, UX.

The company right now focuses on STUDY NOW & PAY LATER approach.

“The funding will primarily be used to expand our curriculum and contribute to the transitioning of our business model from being a coding centric to a career focused institute,” Shukla said in an interview.


Ed-tech after 2020 is not just a market but an entire pool of opportunities that can help you take a leap if you take it feasibly & thoughtfully. So; brace yourselves to witness the core competitive spirit and plan ahead strategically. 



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