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Maxis’ Smart Security solution uses AI for more effective tracking

Maxis' Security Solutions

Surveillance systems are crucial these days to ensure business safety and for the detection of suspicious incidents which might carry a potential threat to the smooth functioning of an organization. Particularly in commercial settings, the significance of surveillance systems for monitoring and investigation becomes all the more underscored. Video footage can be of substantial help in delving deeper into events and for achieving a certain level of clarity and transparency. It can serve as strong evidence, especially in cases that involve a crime.

However manual monitoring of surveillance footage comes with certain drawbacks and limitations. Even the most focused surveillance officer can lose focus. In order to cope with this problem, most companies end up hiring more workforce. This again carries with it the implications of inefficient labor management and even fatigue. This is where artificial intelligence comes in to save the day.

5-G Enabled Smart Security

By leveraging artificial intelligence, Maxis’ Smart Security Solution facilitates companies to achieve effective and faster tracking.

Artificial Intelligence-based systems are capable of detecting objects in a manner that involves consistency and accuracy and which is free of human error. AI will be able to identify and draw distinctions between various objects with the help of video surveillance.

The solution provided by the company includes sensors and cameras, and connectivity solutions backed by a cloud-delivered platform. According to an article by IFSEC Global, 5-G is all set to turn a tide in the security industry.

The solution is time-effective as it takes only 30 seconds to download and stream real-time Ultra HD video, thanks to the 50Mbps-1.8Gpbs speed range.

In comparison to existing networks, a 5-G network is equipped with the ability to sustain a large number of Internet of Things(IoT) devices with minimum latency, in addition to supporting video quality with even 8K resolution. In short, with backing from artificial intelligence, the system can fill in the gaps left by manual monitoring.

Through this the solution effectively complements human workforce, sharpening the efficiency and accuracy by digitalizing business operations.

According to Selvakumar Rajasekaran, head of Enterprise Products,

“Maxis plays an important role in delivering the best in class IoT solutions to support the nation’s digital ambitions, along with a safer and greener society.”




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