McDonald’s restaurant to be fully run by robots 
Some criticize it by commenting, "This will put so many people out of work, I'm not for it."

The new world of robots is now a possibility. Multinational food chain company McDonald’s has now changed its system from human labor to machine labor.


As if fast food service weren’t already indifferent enough, a new sci-fi restaurant called “Automaccies” makes it possible to place an order, pay for it and pick up your food all without ever talking to a single person.


You could now order your food using touchscreens at the entirely automated McDonald’s, and a robotic conveyor belt will then deliver it through a service hatch.

This concept has received multiple reactions on the internet. One such review was of Foodie Munster who goes by the account @foodiemunster. The food vlogger recently posted his experience after visiting the latest robotic restaurant. 


In his video, he expressed his positive review about how he liked the overall concept. He said “People of TikTok. The way we McDonald’s may be changing forever. Check this out.”


Viewers witnessed an empty restaurant with just two machines – one that helps in ordering and the other is just a service hatch driven by a robot with a conveyor belt with not a single worker. 


The vlogger even shared his experience on Instagram stating – ‘like no other McDonald’s you’ve been to before’, concluded: ‘I gotta [sic] say, it worked pretty well’.


Although the video got a pretty good response, some criticize it by commenting, “This will put so many people out of work, I’m not for it.”


Another wrote: “It’s cool but I don’t think I’m a fan. I rely on the indoor playgrounds haha. Also, we already have too many automated things happening and I feel like we don’t need more stuff where you don’t interact with actual people. I don’t know.”

File photo: The photo shows the inside environment of McDonald’s

Taking a more positive view, a third person approved: “I live just a few minutes from here. it’s pretty dang neat. There are still employees and it still has a drive-through. Just a special mobile order lane with the conveyer belt shown.”


However, the whole restaurant is not run by robots. Some chefs work inside the kitchen but they stay away from sight. 


The plus point is for those who want to eat their hamburger without worrying about who is watching them. 


Meanwhile, other people worry about the growing unemployment and poverty which will be further accelerated by robots and machines. 


McDonald’s illustrated the extraordinary initiative as a “fast and seamless experience for both customers and crew” in a press announcement.