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McLaren enters the NFT market in partnership with Tezos

We all have heard about the McLaren cars famous for their cool design and speed. The same racing team has now partnered up with Tezos to build an NFT platform. The platform will be made by Tezos and will showcase the racing heritage of McLaren. This means there will be various car NFTs, championship trophies, drivers, and more. Tezos will also get a lot of popularity from this. It is because they are going to be the partner of McLaren in Formula one, Esports, and Indycar series.

McLaren NFT platform

There has been a huge boom in the crypto market and it has propelled NFTs too. More or less everyone is taking this as an opportunity to make some money in the market. And McLaren is no different as they plan to sell a lot of their own NFTs. This partnership comes after Porsche said that they are launching NFT card assets “Fanzone”. The platform will focus on the fans of the racing team and will produce NFTs that are most demanded.

McLaren to build a NFT platform

This will also bring a lot of popularity for McLaren as crypto enthusiasts follow the development of the NFT platform very closely. The partnership with Tezos will also be shown on their teams and the Formula one races. One of the executives of the team said that they value their fans the most and keep them close to their hearts. And through this NFT platform, they will be able to own a part of McLaren.

This is a big commitment

Tezos has partnered up with the Honda team in the F1 races almost a month back. So, this partnership is the 2nd one for them. It is a big commitment for McLaren as they are completely entering the crypto space now. The kind of legacy they have will be a big move for the industry. So, I hope they have thought this through. The NFT platform will for sure be an additional source of income for them and who doesn’t want that.

I am pretty sure that NFTs from McLaren will sell for millions of dollars. Do you think that this partnership will be beneficial for the industry? And will you get an NFT from McLaren? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative do like and share it with your friends.

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