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“Mechazilla” to catch Starships & Boosters almost ready to join launches

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk stated last year that they were going to build a launch tower that can catch Starships and Super Heavy Boosters for a safe landing without losing its orbit. Now there is an update about the Mechazilla arms being almost ready.

Musk Confirms how "Mechazilla" Will Catch and Assemble Starship and Super Heavy for Rapid Reuse - Universe Today

Image credtis- Universe Today

When Tesla announced his Starship booster recovery strategy, Everyone thought he has become crazy like a scientist in science fiction movies. But with the craziness and dedication, SpaceX has started its preparation for the installation of a pair of giant arms designed to lift and catch Starships and Super Heavy boosters to make the ships landing in one piece.

Elon Musk regarded this as “Mechazilla” which is almost finished to get a complete form and function. At first, Musk revealed the plan of Zilla in December 2020 and the mission started in June 2021. The structure of “Mechazilla” has three arms. A “Quick Disconnect (QD) arm which is designed to fuel starships and to control the aviation of super heavy starship which was installed on August 29th and a “Claw-like appendage” which is meant to boost the ship designed a month later. Now the first hand of Zilla is under process and it is only a missing piece, which will be used to connect the starship’s umbilical cord to supply power, communication, and propellent.

Mechazilla is known as chopsticks

Ever since Elon Musk posted a video of having chopsticks style rocket catcher, the Mechazilla is known as chopsticks. These pair of giant arms can lift and catch rockets for each launch as needed. These fabricated arms began to arrive at the rocket launch location before three months. Within a month of its arrival, the arms were almost complete. Then the next month other details like wiring, plumbing, and many such things were being done. Later the team received the backbone for the arms, like tower support and it was all attached to one piece.



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