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Meet Nicole Buffett, the granddaughter of legendary investor Warren Buffett, who has made a living off of NFTs
Mr. Warren Buffett might not be a fan of crypto—but his granddaughter, Nicole Buffett, sure is.

nicole buffett

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She’s renowned for inventing and selling non-fungible tokens in the digital currency market (NFT). Nicole was named one of Fortune’s NFTs 50 most powerful figures.

She finds NFTs and blockchain “amazing”.

She told Fortune, “It’s a chance to showcase my work in a new venue.” I’m no expert. Not my forte. Nicole praised how NFTs “make art its currency.” It’s also money and a technical marvel.

The blockchain tokenizes digital goods like music, art, and collectibles. Each may be bought or sold, and their ownership can be tracked.

Nicole, in her 40s, says NFTs combine “artists, technologists, and financiers”.

Warren, the eldest, arrives. Nicole noted an email he sent praising her development. My grandfather would recognize artists via NFTs and bitcoin, in my opinion. We’ve always been creative.

In his 20s, Warren and his granddaughter had a well-documented crypto argument. Fortune misunderstands both, she says.

Nicole believes he has no issue with artists donating, despite his struggles with cryptocurrency. My entire family is an art enthusiasts.

Her statements show that she wishes to mend fences with her grandfather. “He’s glad I can support me and sell my goods,” she said. He respects that, I think. He loves honesty, integrity, and hard work more than anybody. These traits define an artist and their worth to society.

Nicole argues the “Wall Street vs. crypto” storyline doesn’t accurately depict the business. She regards “crypto and the new economy” as complementary to the currency and real economy.

“I never went into Wall Street and the markets,” she said, unlike her grandfather. “I can connect to” financial markets and asset values thanks to NFTs.

Nicole is following in her grandfather’s footsteps by creating value via NFTs, the art currency.

She was “wildly independent” and “fortunate” to have the “Buffett” surname. I’m not afraid to stand alone.

Nicole’s abstract paintings became NFTs in 2021. Spirit Coins is worth $83,000 at current prices. The floor price is $3,342.

Nicole has donated a percentage or all of her proceeds to the Open Earth Foundation and Hope for Haiti. She knows NFTs are criticized for many reasons, including their environmental impact, but she hopes the money she generates from selling them would make up for it. She wouldn’t tell Fortune how much she profited from NFT.

Nicole remains hopeful despite the crypto market’s downturn. Even while NFTs might be a profitable new income stream for artists, they have several problems. NFTs have high entrance barriers and often large gas expenses to mint, notwithstanding the crypto collapse that has impacted most decentralized financial systems (DFS). Nicole likes it.


Credits: https://fortune.com/

There’s a lot of opportunity for environmental causes to gather money and capital if people have an open mind and recognize that NFTs have more positive potential than negative, which is pulling on our natural resources, she noted. I must raise awareness about environmental difficulties here. Newness lets us do things differently.

Her grandfather was the “Sage” of Omaha, where her exhibit will be presented. She hopes Warren will visit her NFTs.



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