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Meet Super High-Efficiency Solar Panels Manufacturer from INDIA– Making your home and office Electricity bill Zero.

The Loom Solar is a leading government authorized and an ISO 9001-2015 certified manufacturer of premium quality and highly efficient solar panels across the globe. This “eco-friendly venture was established in 2018” by our honourable managing directors Mr. Amol Anand and Mr. Amod Anand. The Loom Solar is headquartered in Faridabad, Haryana, and has a talented team of 100 employees. It is a government authorized and an ISO 9001-2015 certified company which offers a promised delivery within 3-7 days.
The use of loom solar products in your solar system will not only enhance your system performance but it will also help in increasing the life of your systems due to the finest quality of material used in its manufacturing process. It is best known for its product selling, product innovation, and after sales service.

What inspired to Make Super High-Efficiency Solar panels – Latest technology product

The passion to make India a cleaner, greener, and eco-friendly space has what lead to the development of super-efficiency solar panels. The generation of solar energy requires an ample amount of space along with channelizing the radiation from the sun at the correct angle which brings in the picture the need to set up solar panels on the rooftop which is the perfect place to start with your solar journey.
The solar panels are easy to install and offer high power generation. Your worries about your electricity bills will come to rest after installing Loom Solar off-grid solar systems which consist of 3 Shark 430 panels that are sufficient enough to run your home equipments without electricity. The shark panels can take efficiently the load of your electrical appliances like lights, fan, tv, refrigerator, room cooler, water motor, and home kitchen appliances like a chimney, grinder, juicer – mixer, etc.


The Loom Solar has made its remarkable presence in the solar market by winning the championship against its competitors like Tata Solar Power, Panasonic, Havells, etc.

Market Presence

The Loom Solar has its footprints across the globe. To serve the customer with premium quality products, delivering the best knowledge about the products, and providing outstanding after sales service by making it extraordinary presence in the solar trend through its online and offline stores.
The customer can shop for Loom Solar products through the official website of Loom Solar, nearby retail outlets in the city.
The Loom Solar also has approximately 2,500 offline stores which makes it easier for the customer to enquiry and purchase the product.
We have an exceptional presence on e-commerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart.
The Loom Solar has bagged a 4.5-star rating on amazon, FK, Google, FB, etc because it offers 25 years of warranty on a customer’s first model purchase with no questions asked replacement service.

Awards and Achievements

The Loom Solar has gained the trust of millions of people because it has been awarded as “Fastest Growing SMB of The Year “in the award function held by amazon named “Amazon Smbhav,2020”.

Solar Shark Panels

The name itself speaks volumes about the product. It is the world’s most powerful and advanced technology. It is a super efficiency solar PV module made up of Pure Mono Perc Cell Technology keeping in mind the love of people for Germany quality standards.

Why LOOM SOLAR Calls it World’s most advanced High-efficiency panels, – SHARK

  • While setting up the solar system the shadow from various objects or surfaces over the panel major impacts the performance of the solar panel. The Solar Shark panel reduces the impact of shadow from 33% to 16.5%.
  • The setting up of a solar system needs finance in sufficient amount but using solar shark panel you can reduce your installation cost as for a KW, installation 2 panels will be required instead of 3 panels which in turn cuts down the cost over other major components like solar stand, wire, connectors, etc.
  • It is the best rooftop solution because it will generate 30-50% more power in comparison with conventional solar panels.
  • The solar shark panels offer longer life to its users because of its super-strong frame with middle support.
  • The cell conversion efficiency offered by shark panels is high.

Power Generation using a Shark Panel

The shark panels when used for solar generating can generate 430 watts of power and the current at maximum power will be approximately 10.49amps and short circuit current near about 11.19amps.



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