global outage

Memes make their way to Twitter following the global outage.

Twitter has flared up with hilarious memes following the global outage wherein Facebook and its family of apps went down. Users were in a state of confusion as the apps went down one after the other in a chain reaction. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, all were off duty for more than six hours marking the longest outage to date. It seems like all the apps were too tired of being overworked to the limit that they decided to take a break. Gratefully enough, a few others like Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit were still standing and quite naturally they became the axis point of hilarious and funny memes in response to the outage.

Apps Down and Memes on the rise

Six hours without social media is a rather long time. On the bright side, it might have given people a glimpse of how peaceful life can be without the consistent urge to check your phone every three seconds for a notification. Well, to be fair, people did check their phones every now and then amidst the outage. But it cannot be denied that a good majority experienced a considerable peace of mind of perhaps that can go a long way. While some discovered peace and calm, there was one person whose peace of mind was ripped into shreds. Yes, we are talking about Zuckerberg whose company lost a whopping $7billion owing to the outage.

Apps going down is not a novel scenario, rather every now and then this takes place and users religiously flock to Twitter to have a fill of memes and jokes till they come back up. However yesterday the time span was longer than usual and the number of apps down was more too. And quite naturally, the memes were also equally high. After all, memes do not really have a saturation point. Let us flip through a few of these hilarious memes and jokes.

Now, this is something we cannot completely overlook.

Whoever thought that a few apps going down could mean an existential crisis!


This meme never gets old and every single time it gets funnier.