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Memes Rush Forth Following Amazon’s Global Outage.

Customers all over the world were deprived of Amazon services for a day due to a global outage. Although the problem was addressed in less than a day, it gave enough time for people to take to Twitter and unleash their meme-making skills. As a matter of fact, no matter what goes up or down, memes always go up in no time on Twitter. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if one labels Twitter the meme hotspot. Because if there is any social media platform that presents most of the news and happenings in a shade of humor and sarcasm, Twitter will definitely lead the crowd.

Amazon down

Once In A Blue Moon Scenarios

It is not much news when Facebook or Instagram goes down. Apart from the mandatory expressions of displeasure through memes and jokes, the topic just ebbs away. However, Amazon going down is a rare case scenario and perhaps an event that is the first of its kind. Because we are talking about a company that is well equipped and experienced. Users across the US experienced issues on Sunday, and Monday was the day assigned for the rest of the world with all the product pages showing the same error. The Amazon services are back in order now and functional as always. However, the reasons behind the unusual global outage are still a mystery. And since there are better things to do than unfold a mystery, we will go ahead with the much more interesting memes and jokes.

Meme Rush

Not surprisingly, as the Amazon services began to experience a hiccup, people took to Twitter to see what was happening. After all, nowadays no matter what happens, Twitter will have some information or the other. Particularly because the social media platform has assumed the role of a venting point for most users. As soon as the global outage was confirmed people unleashed their meme-making skills which soon began to flood Twitter with Amazon making it to the trending list. Here are some of the memes and responses that are worth a glance.

The frenzy humans experience when a certain app goes down is unprecedented.

Time is the key. One moment of actual thinking and most people will not “proceed to buy.” Amazon better be on guard about future outages. Because the folks are achieving enlightenment and wisdom.

Twitter is always the final consolation spot.

Memes do have a way of tickling that funny bone.

Who said memes don’t need much imagination? It is the one action that uses the faculty of imagination the most as you can see below.

Loss is not a funny word after all.

Well, as the saying goes, “every cloud has a silver lining.” Even if someone else gets the silver lining.

This cannot get any more real than this. Can it?

Now wisdom comes in all shapes and sizes.

Jeff Bezos steps down and Amazon goes down kind of rhymes, poetically speaking.



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