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Mercedes-Benz showcases its electric vehicles the EQA 2021

A few days back Mercedes-Benz said that the company is not worried about Tesla coming to India. It very clearly mentioned that Tesla’s entry will only normalize the electric cars segment in the country and will actually benefit them. And now the company has given another strong reply to Tesla with the launch of its new EQA 2021 vehicle. The company has posted this SUV as the viable alternative to the Tesla Model Y. Mercedes’s target with this launch is to get more customers from the urban market.

All about the EQA 2021

Like the Tesla Model 3, the EQA 2021 is also a fully electric vehicle. It is a modified electric version of the GLA. The design of the vehicle is reminiscent of other Mercedes vehicles with a grille and LED headlights up front. On the side, the wheels are specially designed with allows giving the vehicle a very strong and classy look and feel. The EQA 2021 is powered by a 190-hp electric motor coupled with a 66 kWh battery. It also supports a fast 100 KW charging with DC input and 11kW charging using the provided charger with the car.


Since the vehicle is competing with the Tesla Model Y, the range and performance also need to be fantastic. The vehicle has a torque of 375 nm and can do 0-100 kmph in 8.9 seconds. While the top speed of the vehicle is 160 kmph. Now that seems a bit less as compared to the Tesla. The range of the vehicle is great at 420 km. Coming to the raw power of the car, it has a towing capability of 750 kg. The vehicle also has a loading capacity of 430 Kg and storing space of 340 liters.

Tesla Model Y

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The Tesla Model Y with which the company is competing with is also a great vehicle. The car comes with a top speed of about 250 Kmph and a range of 524 km. It also has 2 independent motors and can reach 60 mph in just 3,5 seconds. All these added seems that the EQA 2021 will have a tough time competing with the Model Y. Plus, the infrastructure that Teala has built is incredible. With over 20,000 superchargers all over the US, Tesla’s are the best purchase to have peace of mind.

There are also several other features that Tesla has improved in the past few years. This includes the Auto-pilot system, quality check of vehicles, interior quality, and more. But one place where the Mercedes-Benz EQA 2021 will shine is the sheer premium feeling of the vehicle. SO, I don’t think it will compete with the Model Y, but carve out its niche market for itself.

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