Microsoft acquires San Diego based Express Logic

Microsoft which is one of the largest IT product based company has now acquired the San Diego based software company Express Logic that makes the software for the Internet of Things devices, to ramp up the IOT development for the billions of devices at scale.

With the help of this acquisition, Microsoft revealed that it will get access to the billions of new connected endpoints, grow the number of devices that can seamlessly connect to its Azure cloud and will also enable the new intelligent capabilities.

“I am incredibly excited to share we have acquired Express Logic, a leader in real-time operating systems (RTOS) for IoT and edge devices powered by micro-controller units (MCUs),” said Sam George, Director, Azure IoT at Microsoft.

Manufactures building the products across the different categories, from low capacity sensors which include the temperature gauge light bulbs to medical devices, air conditioners, and the network appliances – safety, security, and leverage the size benefits of Express Logic Solutions to achieve the faster time to market.

“Even highly constrained devices (battery powered and having less than 64KB of flash memory) can use Express Logic solutions. Over 9 billion of these MCU-powered devices are built and deployed globally every year, many of which can benefit from Express Logic solutions,” said Microsoft.

The acquisition is also a part of a $5 Billion investment in the IOT company revealed last April that even also includes a number of Azure pieces such as the Azure Digital, Azure maps, and Azure IOT central.

Picture Credits: Microsoft