Microsoft announces a $60 wired Xbox Stereo Headset

The brand new Xbox game headset is cheaper than the Xbox Wireless Headset, which was launched ahead of the 12-month period. This new Xbox Stereo Headset enshrines the extreme typical that Xbox followers have been used to ship. Xbox aims to improve participant experiences with high quality sound and a clear microphone sound.

The proper sound set-up may boost practically every sport’s skill, whether or if players need tight audio to listen to the footsteps of their opponents in a multi-player shooter or to immerse themselves into a horror sports chilling sound.

The game headsets are a staple component for many console game players at the time, and every Xbox and PlayStation supports its latest systems with headsets. While the Xbox Wireless Headset focuses on 3D audio with its Pulse headset, it focuses on new features and cost-effectiveness, and is instantly connected by a cable model.


With the official website information announced, Microsoft has disclosed the brand new Xbox Stereo Headset, which includes a number of wired devices for the Xbox Wireless Headset. The brand new headset, according to Xbox, will include “clear performance of the microphone, high-quality ear cushions and the right handle with a volume control dial,” with components designed in the same way as its Wifi cousin Xbox Stereo Headset, with its Windows Sonic, Dolby and DTS Headphones, is helping to deliver highly fidelity spatial sound applied sciences: X and may purchase over a half the value of the $99 Xbox Wireless Headset, for an affordable 59.99 dollars.

While there are several advantages to wireless internet connections over the long term. This new Xbox headset is not only relatively expensive than the wi-fi variant, although it must not be recharged or batteries used. Users don’t have to be concerned about mislocation of a connectivity dongle because a regular 3.5mm audio jack is used in the Xbox Stereo Headset. This implies that the headset is not just easy to connect to an Xbox controller but also adapts to pcs and mobile devices and clears up latency issues.

The Xbox Stereo Headset is the proper addition to its gaming platform for those who are looking for a brand new headset on the market that can have excessively high sound quality and a confident microphone. The wired models shared a number of identical options that might easily create them so common, thanks to their design, consolation, and sounds. From selected retailers and from the Microsoft Store on September 21, the Xbox Stereo Headset can now be pre ordered.