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Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and Google join legal battle against NSO

Facebook’s legal battle against NSO was joined by several tech companies like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and Google. Facebook’s battle against the company is based on the fact that their tools are very dangerous. The lawsuit against NSO was filed last year when the company exploited a bug on Whatsapp to monitor 1400 users worldwide. To this, NSO argued that it should get “Sovereign immunity.”

More about the legal battle against NSO

After the lawsuit was filed against NSO, it argued that they also sell digital tools to the police and other spy agencies. This is the reason that they should get immunity from the lawsuit. Though at that point, its argument didn’t get validation and was rejected. And it then appealed to the Ninth Circuit for reconsidering.

legal battle against NSO

Even though Facebook was in a strong position here, other tech giants also joined the battle against NSO. They argued that giving immunity to the company would be a very big mistake. As it would lead to increased use of hacking technology. And if those tqools fall in the wrong pair of hands, then it could lead to massive damage.

NSO did say that its tools are used to combat criminal activities. But other reports have also suggested that their tools were also misused. As they were used to target lawyers, reporters, and more. This is also another big fact that is working against NSO.

Reports against the NSO

There are also reports suggesting that NSO’s technology was used to hack over 3 dozens of smartphones. And these phones were of journalists, anchors, producers, and more. Its spyware was also related to a journalist named Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered in Saudi. It was probably because the company was hacking the journalist’s phone, which led to this.

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