microsoft flight simulator on xbox series x

Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Released For The Xbox Series X/S Tomorrow

microsoft flight simulator on xbox series x

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been critically acclaimed on the PC since its release in August 2020 and will launch tomorrow on Microsoft’s Xbox X and S series consoles. I’m not sure why I’ve never been interested in these games and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that the next iteration of the series will find its way to the Xbox series S and X, which is strange considering I don’t have a console. I have Game Pass and a sufficiently powerful gaming machine, but having the ability to play Microsoft Flight Simulator on a console excites me, and that is important to me.

Many sources report that it is the first game to demonstrate the power of Microsoft’s Next-Gen consoles. For those of you who have been waiting a year to get going with new graphics, I think Flight Simulator is one of the best looking games you can play on both the series X and Series S consoles, and it will be available with a regular Xbox controller on the Series S, which starts tomorrow on the game pass. On the PC, it is a very challenging game that will struggle to run on high-end slot machines with maximum settings.


The actual flight simulator, the long journeys along empty coasts to test your navigation skills, seems to me rather boring. If you want the precise simulation of a passenger jet flight to remain intact, then the Xbox Flight Simulator is better suited for the keyboard, mouse, and monitor. As with car simulators, there is at least one trick in racing game development that tries to add something that does not include an exact simulation of flying a modern aircraft. Its endless real-time sightseeing tours hide behind the crisp layers of a super-realistic flight simulation.

It is the first true next-gen first-party console game of the recent Xbox era. As one of the few true “next-gen” games available on Microsoft’s new machine, this does more than the trick. Part of Flight Simulator’s “next-gen” quality is how well other first parties have performed on the compatibility path with the older Xbox One family.


The games optimized for Xbox Series X show unprecedented load times, improved graphics, and more stable frame rates. it also offers an incredible platform that brings hours of pleasure to casual gamers and aviation experts alike, and that’s what it’s all about. They are nothing less than light-hearted, breathtaking, curated experiences that take you right into the best simulations, and the wonder of touring Everest, Tokyo, New Haven, and Stamford at dusk as you glide through Manhattan, accompanied by soothing ambient music, has become the calling card of Microsoft Flight Simulators.

This includes major worldwide updates that are released with free enhancements in the US, UK, Japan, and other countries. The new versions of the Xbox X and S series are available from the Microsoft Store for $59.99 and can be played for free with the Xbox Game Pass.  The game will have a mammoth download size of over 100 gigs.

microsoft flight simulator on xbox series xAfter spending some time with the Xbox Series X and S Preview Build from Microsoft Flight Simulator, Windows Central Matt Brown has released some impressive screenshots of the game on the current consoles. The screenshots are excellent, the game should impress long-time fans and casual gamers alike with its breathtaking imagery that distinguishes the game from reality. The ensuing cities, forests, and dynamic weather patterns are displayed in 3D in real-time thanks to Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Technology, which processes and streams petabytes of data on the backend.

It is important to note that you do not need any prior knowledge or interest in aircraft to enjoy yourself here. Despite the high image fidelity, the complex underlying systems can prove challenging even with the best CPUs and GPUs. Controller support helps bridge the gap by reducing basic inputs to a limited number of inputs, but in the meantime, it’s still a casual experience.