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Microsoft Outage Affects Teams, Azure And Xbox Live

Microsoft Outage Affects Teams, Azure, And Xbox Live


Hundreds of users reported problems with Xbox Live, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365. The down detector on the outage tracking website listed more than 30,000 reports of problems with Microsoft teams as of 4 p.m. ET, but that number declined throughout the afternoon.

The Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) has thrown most online services out of offline mode when using Microsoft Office tools. According to a problem with the AD source, the outage occurred in Microsoft’s application collection, causing a domino effect that affected others. The Microsoft Azure status page states that other services that Azure uses are still active in the region, but the Active Directory service itself is affected and there is a service outage on the platform.

Users affected: Users cannot access multiple Microsoft 365 and Azure Dynamic 365 services, including services such as Health Dashboard. Further information on services using Azure Active Directory (AAD) is also affected. Title: Users may not be able to access multiple Microsoft services

In America, schools that use distance learning teams could be affected. Gamers may not be able to access their Xbox Live accounts online, and the premiere of Zack Snyder’s Justice League could be delayed because of the problem.

If the target user does not accept the call, the call rings back to the transmitter. The person transmitting the call is the user of the team. If the calling person is transferred to another team, Skype for Business users may be in the same tenant or associated tenant

We are working on a few features to solve this problem. We have updated our filters to ensure that malicious files and URLs are not shipped when the configuration is overridden. URLs and files marked as malicious are allowed in the inbox transport rules only if the domain is allowed said Microsoft

Microsoft 365 has updated the classic home page to a modern home page, but the home page itself cannot be customized. Note that this update does not create an Office 365 group or team website. The new modern homepages for classic SharePoint team sites and sites that use the STS0 site template are from Microsoft 365.

There are two types of support packages for individual cases. Go to My Support Request and look at your medical history. If your case is open, you can wait for it to close before closing your Microsoft account. When the case is closed, you will need to close the account.

For more information, secure your contact list or browse the Skype support page. All your game progress, gamerscore, and Gamertags on Xbox Live are lost. You will no longer be able to access the music you downloaded with the Xbox Music Pass. Any data you did not save when you closed your Microsoft account. All products and key products you purchased with a Microsoft account are below.

After the waiting period has expired, your inbox will continue to receive emails and messages. You can set automatic replies to let everyone know when an account is closed, or tell them to send you an email in the future.



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