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It’s a say cheese moment for SAY CHEESE.

The fem tech start-up has bagged up a funding from an angel investor based in Australia.


Say cheese is a Mumbai based start-up started back in Dec 2020. It is a venture that focuses on women’s happiness by providing full personalised solutions to all the possible challenges that they come across during their course of life.


Established such a short time back; the company has developed a firm base of close to more than 2500 registered users across the country. The valuation of company now stands at Rs. 10 crore after the funding.

  • The company currently serves its customers with the help of 50 experts & mentors who coach as per the requirements.
  • A proper assessment tool; Happiness Evaluation Report (HER) is used to determine the current status of every registered user.
  • Then they are analysed on the basis of career, health and relationships.



The funds were provided by an angel investor; Naved Khan who is an ex-employee of Ebay & Idea cellular. Currently, he is an entrepreneur settled in Sydney.

He has successfully gained 18 years of wisdom in the corporate sector and has a baggage full of experience of working in different parts of the globe. He is the owner of his own venture New Beginning Pvt. Ltd. He has financed close to three start-ups and holds a major contribution in sectors like fintech, automotive and natural & organic cosmetic products.


Being asked upon the reason of investing in the start-up ; he clearly underlined the fact that this segment has a huge lucrative position. With a unique idea this venture will have a great socio-economic impact on the coming years to come.



Be happy to cherish your life.

Happiness is the only mode to enjoy your life.

The general sayings are applicable to every human being irrespective of gender. But unfortunately, we have forgotten the fact and have been constantly declining the essence of happiness for women at large. This has led to setting up of organizations like Say cheese which offer a customized range of solutions for such women who are not able to get something they actually aspire.


The founder & CEO Rajpreet Kaur; has very clear stakes on investment saying that “Personal happiness continues to be something that each person aspires for. We are very excited to have received this investment from New Beginning Pvt Ltd. This investment is a testament to the need for such a platform in India and across the world.”

Ironically; India is a country where women idols are worshipped but women in houses deal with plethora of issues including domestic violence, career alignment and family. They are not even given the opportunity to actually tackle their problems clinically.

Women have 50% more chances of struggling with depression and our country holds a very poor rank in the list of World Happiness Report.

 So, SAY CHEESE to the process of assessment of your happiness and eventually decide that you will have to talk to pursue happiness.




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