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Stripe the most valued startup has created buzz in the market due to its recent fund raise of US $ 600 million. The company has specified its take on how to utilize the funds to take a strategic step in order to use it efficiently.



Stripe is a technology company incepted 11 years back; that helps to create requisite economic infrastructure. It was started by brothers Patrick and John Collison. It offers a complete payment’s mechanism to businesses. It is among the strongest fintech start-ups across the globe.

This is a major platform that offers processing software and API’s to construct efficient payouts for online businesses. The company has established a market space which can be understood by various facts.


More than 250 million API requests per day

13000 requests per second

Dealing in more than 135 currencies and payment methods

Spread across more than 35 countries


  • The major power payments are offered for online & in-person retailers. It is a complete solution for subscriptions, businesses, marketplaces and other modes.
  • It has given companies an effective mode to overcome with fraud, invoice issues and financing problems.
  • The company has enjoyed the status of being the creator of the most powerful and easy to use API’s.
  • There are complete packages that consist of different tools and a pre-built integration.




After the fund raise the company would touch a total valuation of US $ 95 billion. The company now enjoys the status of the most valued startup in the US. The investors indulged in the funding are:


Allianz X
Baillie Gifford
Fidelity Management & Research
Sequioa Capital
National Treasury Management Of Ireland




As per the expectations of the company; this round will double the entire operations in Europe that is the most prospective market. The plan is also to expand the services to gain a market share in India by offering the incredible solutions to its merchants. Merchants would be benefitted by the optimal solutions that are offered and company would try to provide its best services in a cost effective manner.


“In 2021, Stripe will continue to build its Global Payments and Treasury Network, further expanding its suite of software and services to help ambitious businesses drive more revenue. Stripe will also soon be available to millions more businesses in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Thailand and the UAE” the company quoted this in its official statement.


It is definitely not the first time; when stripe is looking forward to Indian markets. In 2016 , the initiation was done with respect to take ahead the base in India under the leadership of Anand Balaji ; Amazon India executive. Then in 2017; an invite only beta was taken off. Since then the progress was not that noticeable.


STRIPE has taken a commendable leap within a year;

It has statistically grabbed the first position of having such a huge valuation in the entire silicon valley.

SpaceX & Instacart were not able to achieve that landmark.

All of this is company specific; but the aim this time is to benefit the Indian businesses as we have strongly established a digitised foundation. This motive would bring efficiency & convenience for businesses & customers.







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