Microsoft has recently blasted the internet with the launch of its $1400, dual display device- Surface Duo. This dual-screen device is powered by Android OS and promises enhanced productivity for those who do not want to carry two separate devices with them. The dual-screen functionality in this device allows the user to open two separate apps on each display making productivity, a piece of cake. The surface duo has a great design and productive functionality but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 gives this device a good competition in the market.



The Microsoft Surface Duo is fitted with two 5.6-inch OLED displays that can be used as one 8.1-inch tablet display. It will be prominent to note that a bar is visible in the middle of the two screens where the hinge is located. You will get used to it in a while but honestly, it is hard to ignore. It will be necessary to think of this device as two OLED displays are attached to one another by a 360-degree hinge mechanism which when closed resembles a notebook.


The Surface Duo cannot be called as a smartphone; even Microsoft hesitates to call it a smartphone because of its chunky borders and two screens. There is an 11 MegaPixel camera module which doubles as a rear and front camera by opening and closing the device.



The Surface Duo is the thinnest Surface yet, as quoted by Microsoft which measures at just 4.8mm when unfolded. It sports an all-glass design in the front and back with a metal Microsoft Logo in the centre that pretty much gives it a premium feel.



The 360-degree hinge of the Surface duo is basically its highlight, you cannot not see it, and you absolutely cannot ignore it. It flashes a little in the centre of the two displays. Although it is not all bad, this hinge allows the device to be put into different postures which have been named as a Book Mode or a Tent Mode. User can use the Surface Duo as a mini laptop and it is perfect for reading your e-books. The Kindle app has been optimised for this device and this has been the best e-reading experience as stated by users.



The surface duo is all about multi-tasking abilities. The inspiration for the device comes from the idea of running two different apps on each screen as enhancing the productivity of users. Users can watch a cricket match on one screen and reply to their office mails on the other, at the same time. This is the work of productivity which can be very useful in most situations. Microsoft’s in-built apps are customised for all times of screen postures and dual-screen capabilities. Users can also run one app on both the screens which allow the user to make use of the whole 8.1-inch display. The device runs on Android OS which means that users can download any app on the device which is available on the Google Play Store.



The Surface Duo now supports the regular Surface Pen and the high-end Surface Slim Pen, albeit, the users need to purchase these two separately. The Surface Pen will double your productivity as it can be used for taking notes, switching between the screens etc. It also magnetically attaches to the outside border of the device.



The Surface Duo is an expensive device which is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, not the latest processor though. It is an expensive device which is priced at $1499 with 256 GB Storage and 6 GB of RAM. The duo has a 3577mAh battery, lacks 5G support and is without the wireless charging capabilities.

The Microsoft Surface Duo is available in India on Amazon at a hefty price point of Rs. 1, 92,990 as it is not officially available for sale in India. If officially available, the device should be priced at around Rs. 1, 09,000.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 is a great device with premium design, 5G support and many other specs benefits. Think wisely if you are willing to spend this amount.