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Microsoft to Initiate Two Schemes to Promote Start-ups
This is their second year of hosting a hackathon in India

Microsoft India is the subsidiary of Microsoft corporation is a multi-trillion-dollar company that pioneers in software, consumer electronics, computer, and other services related to it. Microsoft India, yesterday, on the 20th of April, came out to say that the company will be will initiating two new schemes to improve the culture of start-ups and foster the spirit of entrepreneurship in the country.

Microsoft AI Initiative has been set up by the company as it plans to organize a hackathon event to bring coders and developers in the start-up space together and they will have access to resources provided by the massive software firm which will be a great experience for them.

Microsoft Hackathon by Geek Wire

A hackathon (hacking plus marathon) is a competition for coders, developers and computer science enthusiasts form teams and work together against other teams as they race to see who can complete the given coding and software tasks the fastest. Originally exclusively held in universities and educational institutions, the ubiquity of computers has made the competition worldwide as coding gets more and more popular every year.

The initiative invites all applicants who are into SaaS start-ups or services that are related to the artificial intelligence field. This scheme will help start-ups and their top brass gain relevant and crucial knowledge, experience, help in fostering creativity, gain some expertise and provide them with the best resources and software to gain some first-hand experience. Attendees will also gain contacts in the industry which will be invaluable for the company’s growth.

The event is set to be ten weeks long and start-up employees will work together and partner up with employees of Microsoft India and work on artificial intelligence and its related concepts.

This will be an invaluable people for the scores of people attending the workshops as the start-up employees will learn to synergize and work together as a team in high pressure situations at the same time as they learn about the concepts and get some practical experience on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The hackathon is even benefitting Microsoft as teams will have to showcase their work on Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service, created 14 years ago, back in 2008. The top one hundred start-ups that make the cut will receive the price of Azure credit that is worth $300 USD (22,842 Rs).

This is a great decision that Microsoft India has taken, as it not only boosts the respect they get within the industry, but they also help other companies expand, gain knowledge and grow which will provide more job opportunities and in turn help the economy.