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You Can Now Turn a Microsoft Word Document Into a PowerPoint Presentation

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Microsoft is well known for leveraging artificial intelligence to boost its business strategies and planning. Recently, the company announced a feature that would support the conversion of Word documents into PowerPoint presentations. This handy work feature was released today by Microsoft.

The conversion tool would make a remarkable difference when it comes to presentations, increasing ease and convenience. The news of the launch is not a matter of surprise since the company had already left a trail of hints with respect to the new conversion tool.

As handy and useful as it is, the feature comes with a catch. The tool, as of know, is only for web. The users therefore will have to use Microsoft cloud service office for the conversion, implying the need to wait before being able to use it on the software version.

The AI still has a lot of ground to cover before enabling the user to convert a random Word document to a proper Power Point presentation. So the next unavoidable question is regarding the specifics related to the workings of the feature. In order to help and guide the AI through the process, the Word document would require to have formatted headers. This will enable the AI to waft through your document and fish out keywords in order to design the slides. It will also be equipped to add suitable and fitting media to the slides.

Here are the steps as stated by Microsoft that will hand you through the process;

  1.  Open any document you want to convert into a presentation in Word for the web.
  2. Click File>Export>Export to PowerPoint presentation.
  3. When prompted choose a design theme for your presentation.
  4. Click Open presentation to review results in PowerPoint for the web.
  5.  The presentation will be created and saved in the OneDrive root folder on the user’s computer.

This feature is a good example of how AI augments human skills and effort, adding to the efficiency of the work while also helping to save time and labor. There is no clarity regarding the quality of the conversion and the tool is limited to support just English. Despite the limitations, it cannot be denied that the tool is quite handy easing and backing up the workflow. And since the base is AI, there is a lot of room for improvement and progress in the near future.




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