Mike Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will skyrocket
Image Source: Blockchain Today

Mike Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will skyrocket by over 1,100%

The CEO of Galaxy Digital, Mike Novogratz, predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will increase tenfold over the next five years. Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin’s price will fluctuate for the remainder of the year, but reach a six-figure level in five years as the flagship cryptocurrency is used more widely.

Mike Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will skyrocket in 5 years

As Bitcoin’s acceptance expands, Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz predicts that the flagship cryptocurrency will reach a six-figure price in five years. According to the CEO of Galaxy Digital, Bitcoin acceptance will be faster in 2021 than internet technology adoption was in the 1990s. “We’re seeing an acceleration in the adoption cycle.”

Mike Novogratz predicts that Bitcoin (BTC) will skyrocket
Image Source: Blockchain Today

According to Novogratz, the US and its allies’ recent decision to freeze the assets of the Russian central bank following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine will boost Bitcoin and other digital assets. “I’m seeing this all over the internet.Whether it’s in the Middle East or the United States, pension funds are all getting ready to engage,” he says.

The market will be tumultuous in the coming weeks, but Novogratz isn’t concerned about the cryptocurrency in the medium term, according to CNBC.

The debasement of fiat currencies as part of the optimistic thesis around Bitcoin, and as the US Federal Reserve grows more hawkish, “some of it falls off,” the long-time crypto bull stated. Furthermore, Bitcoin is still correlated, despite the fact that it has dropped from its peak, according to Novogratz.

“Bitcoin isn’t going to take over the globe overnight. However, you’ll see an increasing number of people say, “I want some of my money outside of the sovereign.”

America is not going away, and neither is the dollar. However, it will not be the only option. Crypto’s recent decline has been on low volume, according to Novogratz, who also stated that there is a “tremendous amount of institutional demand on the sidelines.” He hasn’t lost interest in digital assets; just a few days ago, he received a tattoo inspired by the coin Terra ($LUNA), after getting one inspired by Bitcoin in December 2020.

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