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MobiKwik – Stepping up the game by venturing into investments and lending

MobiKwik, is a widely acclaimed fastest-growing digital payments app that has simplified making transactions with its innovative and seamless services. The digital wallet and ZIP credit feature have considerably attracted users and have revolutionized the online transaction landscape. Hence, MobiKwik has become the most convenient fintech payments platform with over 120 million+ users. With the growing features & services, the brand has pushed beyond its boundaries of just being a payment app and now has extended its reach to investments, Mutual Funds, and other financial services to help build a financially strong country.

On the Mobikwik app, users can do their KYC, invest lumpsum amount, start a SIP, KwikSave with instant withdrawal facility, and track portfolio value, within a few clicks. The investing process requires no fees for setting up an account, making lump sum direct mutual investments, or starting a SIP. Let’s have look at the different services offered by MobiKwik to choose while making investments: 

  • Mutual Funds: Mutual Funds are investment mediums collected from multiple investors, further expended on securities like bonds, stocks, gold, and other such monetary assets. Depending on the workings of the investment markets, they generate a probable return according to the fund’s investment target over a period of time. MobiKwik allows you to invest in around 1500 schemes without any cost. While in 25 years, you can make about 1.06 crores with regular funds, through MobiKwik supported direct plans, the amount can reach around 1.26 crores. 

MobiKwik has a range of mutual fund options, such as equity, balanced, debt, liquid, ELSS tax saving, Index funds, Arbitrage funds, Overnight funds and International funds Not only this, but it also helps one to identify the best-suited plan without any extra commission.

  • Calculators: While investment can be an intelligent step towards a secure future, the concept can be a little overwhelming, provided all the necessary calculations and speculations to be done. MobiKwik takes care of this data analytics part of the process. Their statistical algorithms use efficient data tools to decipher huge amounts of information and give results within a second. These include SIP calculators, lump sum calculators, direct and regular calculators, and Fund House calculators. 

SIP or System Investment Plan allows one to invest in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals, on a monthly or quarterly basis. The SIP calculator determines the estimated annual rate of return and the SIP duration once the investment amount is entered. Apart from providing immediate information about your gains, it also enables you to modify certain variables and see their impact on your overall investment. 

On the other hand, Fund house calculators perform the same task of the SIP and Lump Sum calculations for specific fund houses . It is the most popular and widely-used feature of MobiKwik. Reverse SIP calculator helps you figure out your SIP amount basis 3 inputs (Target amount, Duration of SIP and annual rate of return)

  • Gold: MobiKwik offers a secure and accessible platform for purchasing gold online. It facilitates 99.5% pure 24K digital gold. It allows small investments in gold; for example, gold can be bought for an amount as low as 1 rupee. Users can exchange their MobiKwik digital gold at the Caratlane store and get gold coins or gold bars delivered risk-free to your doorstep,worth their amount. Your gold is secured in bank grade lockers free of cost. The 24K gold one buys on MobiKwik is bought directly from the manufacturer and will be safely stored by the Gold custodian until the users use it or claim it in person or perhaps sell it back on MobiKwik. To buy gold online, tap on the Gold option under the Loans and Savings section on the Mobikwik App. Click the ‘Buy Gold’ option. Type in the amount you want to buy. Making the necessary payment through the digital wallet or UPI Gold buying on mobikwik takes less than 60 secs.

MobiKwik has made it easier to re-evaluate one’s investment agendas without making a lot of effort. It guides in the correct direction, helps to shed inhibitions about secured investments and move towards a better tomorrow. So start your investment journey today with MobiKwik. Download the MobiKwik app now!



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