MoissaniteCo: The eco-friendly bride’s new best friend


Moissanite is increasing in popularity at times as an affordable alternative to diamonds in engagement rings. Without sacrificing colour, cut or quality because of ginormous prices, a bride now has the option to make an environmentally responsible choice and feel good with a fantastic quality gemstone for her big day. 

Various varied designs are available for Moissanite engagement rings – be it antique-styled or has an event garden aesthetic. The rings are unique and handcrafted by the jewellers on a made-to-order basis, making them one of a kind. 

Moissanite rings: Pros and Cons

The durability of Moissanite stands to be one of its most preeminent pros. Ranking 9.5 on Moh’s scale of hardness of minerals, it is one of the hardest substances on earth, making it suitable for daily wear. 

Although they differ from diamonds in radiance and clarity, Moissanites are brilliant in appearance and thus add to their appeal factor. They’re full of lustre and radiance and have detailed patterns inside them, which allow the refraction of different rainbow-like colours under light. 

Notwithstanding its exceptional qualities and features, Moissanite’s eco-friendly appeal becomes one of its crux. Given its lab-made nature, jewellers can sometimes not repair cracks or damages that the ring withstands.

Factors to consider: Buying a Moissanite engagement ring

Some of the upstanding points to consider before choosing Moissanite in engagement rings : 

  • Quality of the ring: Moissanites also have different grates and qualities available in the market, some surpassing others.  The colourless or small inclusion moissanite gems are of the best quality, and they have the most brilliance and lustre.
  • Carat of a moissanite gemstone: Moissanites are lab-made and hence naturally weigh much lesser than diamonds. So proper carat of moissanite usually confuses a person who is only familiar with diamond carat chartings. For ease of understanding, moissanite is usually described using the DEW system, or ‘diamond equivalent weight’ so that it’s easily comparable. 

Making of a Moissanite Co engagement ring

  • The first day of preparing an order entails checking out for frauds and the availability of the gemstone. A craftsman is arranged after this.
  • Assigning of jeweller for making the ring and further inspection of quality may include notifying the customer in case of further delays.
  • After careful packaging, the product is shipped out, and a tracking link is provided for the customer’s benefit. The shipping speed is based on the payment method chosen.

Furthermore, maintaining and caring for the moissanite ring is of utmost importance for longevity. An annual trip to the jeweller will keep the gemstone and the ring in their best shape. Deep cleaning and removing any build-up behind the stone and the setting will keep it as good as new. Manual upkeep of the gemstone with a gentle cleanser at home does suffice.

MoissaniteCo is one of the first businesses to provide the Charles and Colvard Moissanite warranty certificate alongside a 12 monthly Warranty against any defects, which proves their authenticity.