Mojocare- The Upcoming Startup Inspiration

Mojocare is a brilliant startup founded by Ashwin Swaminathan and Rajat Gupta. It has its base in Bangalore and it is a health-based startup. Whether it’s sexual health, mental health, or women’s health, this startup is equipped to help people with all these problems. It has a well qualified staff who provide excellent personalized care to suit every health problem.

Series A funding round

Mojocare managed to raise money to $20 million in the series A funding round which was led by B Capital,Chiratae Ventures, Sequoia India’s Surge, and Better Capital. Many prominent investors like Kunal Shah (Founder, CRED), Ankit Nagori (Founder of Curefoods),Sajid Rahman (Founder and CEO, Telenor Health), etc. were found participating in this round. According to Karan Mohla (Partner at B capital), Mojocare’s founders are solving most of the healthcare issues in the country and can bring a change in how people view the wellness industry. They have well-qualified and skilled people with them to do the job. The feedback from the patients and the care they are given are amazing. Karan Mohla is happy to be supporting such a venture and can’t wait for the establishment of a neo-healthcare system in India. He further added that this startup will be able to use technology in the most innovative of ways and it will not have to rely on any other company to do so.

The founders perspective

The founders had a lot to say about the healthcare system in India. According to co-founder Rajat Gupta’s perspective, there are about 400 million people who suffer from mental and physical illnesses. The health care system of the country is untrustworthy and the consumers cannot rely on them to cure their illnesses. He further added that there are many unqualified and corrupt health professionals in the country which is why the probability of fake health products being sold in the market is more. The other co-founder Ashwin Swaminathan thought that although the healthcare industry is severely crowded, Mojocare will use a distribution-first approach to make it big in the marketplace and will also indulge in digital engagement(through its app). This new approach will help them gain the trust of the consumers.

Usage of funds

This startup will use all the collected funds for growing the company. It will try to develop its product and work on its portfolio, improve its services like care delivery teams, etc. The distribution first approach will help the company match the consumer’s expectations and will help stir a change in the country’s present healthcare system.