Photo by Quantitatives on Unsplash
Photo by Quantitatives on Unsplash

What are the benefits of a crypto exchange?
Article by: Craig Brogan

Photo by Quantitatives on Unsplash
Photo by Quantitatives on Unsplash

In the world of Bitcoin cryptocurrencies, having a place and a way to use them is important. Since they’re purely digital, the action of using cryptocurrencies relies on a platform. For this, cryptocurrency exchanges exist. There are different kinds of crypto exchanges, each with their own benefits and offerings.

What are crypto exchanges?

First things first, what IS an exchange?

Exchanges for cryptocurrencies serve as the primary exchange for buying and selling Bitcoins. The act for users to exchange fiat currencies (or other cryptocurrencies) for crypto. Most users stepping into crypto will do so via one of these exchanges.

They are not only used for exchanging money and digital currencies (buying, selling, and trading) but they are also often used as a platform to house cryptocurrency – acting as a wallet with an associated account.

What can you do through a crypto exchange?

Investing and buying cryptocurrencies

Almost all cryptocurrency exchanges provide services to buy a variety of digital assets. Most exchanges will support the most popular and well known cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum, while others might offer lesser known tokens that are emerging in the market. Crypto marketplaces are popular among individuals wishing to purchase their first cryptocurrency because they’re designed to be easy for users. According to Bitcoin Method CEO, a crypto exchange is often the first taste of the industry:

“As the crypto market expands, more and more people are investing in crypto for the first time. As an industry with a reputation for being complex and technical, having a platform that can introduce new users to the exciting opportunities and potential is crucial.”

Selling cryptocurrencies

Exchanges typically refer to the selling of your cryptocurrencies as withdrawals. This means you are changing your crypto to fiat, and will receive the money in national tender directly to your bank. Users might sell for a number of reasons: To exchange back their funds after making profitable trades, to take their money out of crypto to use, or to buy another cryptocurrency that is not available on the exchange.

Exchanging crypto for other crypto

Trading is a major part of the cryptocurrency industry. To cater to this, many exchanges offer a simple way to exchange one cryptocurrency for another. This might be for new investors looking to try their hand at trading, or for experienced traders to take advantage of price changes in the market and make money from the movements.

Automatic trading platforms, like {funnel name} present users with a great way to trade passively without the need to watch the market. The platform is created in such a way that the algorithm watches the markets and makes trades on the user’s behalf. Because it is based on historic trends and is data-driven, it is designed to amplify profitable trades.

Cryptocurrency storage 

After you have purchased Bitcoin on an exchange, the platform will then house the digital currency for you. Storage is part of the service offered on most exchanges and your portfolio will be displayed in a simple, accessible way. From there, users can manage their crypto on the platform to hold, buy, sell, trade, or send to other users. 

Exchanges like Bitfinex offer significant features through their platform, which is typically quite user-friendly. These platforms are incredibly user-friendly and make use of practical interfaces, making the cryptocurrency industry easy to understand.