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More than 2/3rd of crypto investors don’t care about the crypto winter

The crypto winter has been here for more than 1 year now. And one thing that we could have assumed about the same was its negative effect on investors’ minds. However, a recent survey shows that 69% of retail crypto investors don’t even care about the crypto winter. They are still interested in the industry and want to invest in it, despite this being the longest and worst bear market in crypto’s history.

Survey showing positivity about retail crypto investors

A recent survey by eToro, a crypto trading platform, showed us that 69% of retail investors are either positive or have mixed feeling about the crypto markets. This is even though the bear markets have been prolonged. We also need to consider the events like the FTX collapse and the crash of Luna and UST tokens that shook the industry to its core. The remaining 31% of investors are negative and are afraid or cautious about investing in the crypto markets after the crash happened.

More than 2/3rd of crypto investors don't care about the crypto winter

Etoro’s global markets strategist, Ben Laidler, said that most crypto investors are still positive about the crypto market might seem odd. However, we must note that they might have a long-term view about this, and when investors expand their time horizon of investment, the 2022 bear market has just been an opportunity to buy tokens at a lower price.

The survey, which had over 10,000 participants from 13 different countries, also revealed that investors are becoming positive about the markets as the fear of inflation starts to reduce. However, a significant portion of people are still concerned about the recession and how it will affect their portfolios.

Young crypto investors are risk tolerant

One thing that this survey showed us was the difference between risk tolerance between normal investors and that of crypto retail investors. They have a significantly high tolerance, and 76% of retailers between 18 and 34 do not care about the downtrend in the market. This number is much higher than the 60% of investors who feel the same way and are above the age of 55. This major bear market does not affect those with a long-term goal.

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