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Morgan Stanley is rooting for the day Elon Musk will become a billionaire.

It is a rather good and pleasant time for Elon Musk these days with all the right stars aligned in the right position. He has been tasting success and it seems like he will continue to do so. And now, an analyst from Morgan Stanley expresses confidence about Elon Musk becoming a trillionaire. Musk has already claimed his throne as the richest man in the world. Seems like he is going to enhance the richness of the title very soon or Morgan Stanley definitely thinks so. And this prosperity will be brought forth by SpaceX and not Tesla, which shows more promise and potential than the latter.


Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Rich, Richer, Richest!

The assumption of Musk hitting the trillionaire status is not just whimsical but rather has a strong base. The success of any venture, big or small, is rooted in its ability to scale new and risky mountains of change so that it doesn’t grow stagnant, and eventually, dies away as time eats away its novelty and freshness. In fact, those familiar with business studies will be well aware of the fact that innovation is one of the major characteristics that keeps a business moving and puts it in line with success and growth. This is exactly what SpaceX has been successful in achieving. SpaceX has been taking up challenges and challenging them through its innovations, thereby breaking old walls of limitation and exploring new horizons. The analysts at Morgan Stanley are also in agreement about this.

According to Adam Jonas from Morgan Stanley,

SpaceX is challenging any pre-conceived notion of what was possible and the time frame possible, in terms of rockets, launch vehicles, and supporting infrastructure.”

At present, SpaceX comprises less than 17 percent of the total net worth of Musk. This is according to the Bloomberg Billionaire’s Index. Adam Jonas is of the opinion that, in his view, SpaceX is not just a single company but rather an amalgamation of companies constituting space infrastructure, Earth observation, so on and so forth. Jonas’ bull-case valuation for SpaceX amounts to a whopping $200 billion and Starlink satellite communications form a major part of this valuation. This is not the first time Musk has been placed within the potential trillionaire list. And this potential was mainly contributed by Tesla and its incessant growth that kept on boosting Musk’s net worth. And now with SpaceX in the picture, gleaming with potential and opportunity, it won’t be long before Musk adorns the trillionaire crown.



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