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Most upvoted questions for Tesla Shareholder day 2021

Tesla Shareholders day is to be held on October 7 at 5:30 pm, EDT. The meeting will be held in Giga Texas and many investors are curious about what are the possible questions that will be answered. Here are some details about the questions.

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Tesla makes use of Investor Relations and has often answer crucial questions asked by their investors. Investor Relations is a platform used by many companies, to hold meetings for quarterly earnings calls for their investors. Below are some questions as posted by Teslarati, which have been upvoted and are most likely to be answered.

  1. Does Tesla plan to offer any dividends to its shareholders in the next two years?
  2. With $TSLA stock price back into the $700-800 range, and likely heading higher, would you consider another split to allow retail investors to continue adding shares at a decent per share price?
  3. Is there any guidance on when Cybertruck production will begin and at what rate the ramp-up will happen?
  4. Can Tesla provide quarterly updates on Energy Business along with Automotive Reporting Deliveries and Production?
  5. Are we going to see 4680 batter cell this year in Texas? If not, what part of production is holding it up?

While the first two questions are solely from investors, the last three questions are from both customers and investors. Tesla Cybertruck is known to begin by next year, however, an official announcement has not been made. There has been confirmation from various sources. Additionally, if the production ramp of Cybertruck will be low, many customers can expect their delivery to be in 2023. Ramping up production is essential for the company as well, because the competition in the market has already started deliveries.

The other question is about the Tesla energy business. Tesla’s solar roof and battery storage system business details are not usually discussed. It is known that the company set its stand in Australia, the US, and Germany. Where Australia is known to have adopted the solar roof system very well. What-so-ever there are no precise details about how many sales or how the business operates.

The most awaited Tesla production, 4680 battery cells are also among the top questions. Recently it was known that the production yield of their developments in the battery has drastically improved. But details about what Tesla is aiming for is not known. Also, there is no clarity on whether Giga Texas will be producing them or Giga Texas.

Questions about dividends are raised, despite the website clearly stating “Tesla has never declared dividends on our common stock. We intend on retaining all future earnings to finance future growth and therefore, do not anticipate paying any cash dividends in the foreseeable future.” Possibly investors are interested to know from Tesla about what they think about giving dividends. The other investor question is about splitting stocks of Tesla as the value is down back to the $700-800 range.




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