Elon Musk
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Musk to come up with ‘TruthGPT’ to compete with ‘ChatGPT’

Twitter CEO Elon Musk is known for his strong opinions on the field of Artificial Intelligence. He has consistently been vocal about the dangers that AI poses and has not missed many opportunities to speak out his mind on AI. In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson from Fox News, the billionaire CEO once again took a jibe at Artificial Intelligence. The Twitter CEO spoke on a number of topics during the interview which was held on 17th and 18th of April.

Elon made a shocking revelation in the interview: The development of his own AI TruthGPT to compete with ChatGPT and Bard. Musk has always been doubtful about the developments in the field of AI and people were not expecting him to start what he has always been against.

The interview
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Elon’s views on AI:

Similar to other occasions, Elon clearly set the tone of the AI argument to what he has been fixated upon in the past years. He warned the viewers about the potential risks associated with AI technology. Earlier in an interview, Musk had said that people developing AIs should be very careful about it. He further added that if he was asked to guess the biggest existential threat to humanity, his answer would be Artificial Intelligence. He called for more regulation of companies which are developing AI technology to ensure that their product is safe and beneficial for its users. Musk has also been against the integration of Artificial Intelligence in defense weapons.

Elon’s past with AI:

Although Musk has been vocal about the dangers of AI, he is aware of its potential benefits too. AI is so deeply integrated into our lives that we don’t realize the extent of AI involvement in our daily lives. Everything from your Netflix recommendations to Google Maps revolves around AI.

The billionaire who is also the Chief Executive of Tesla is much aware of the involvement of his own car brand in the field of AI. This makes it very important to understand that Elon is not against the idea of Artificial Intelligence but is paranoid of the technology having wrong effects in the long term if not developed correctly. Earlier, the Tesla CEO was also involved in the development of ChatGPT. He cofounded OpenAI and was one of the initial developers of the now famous AI chatbot ChatGPT. He later left OpenAI for his own personal interests in Tesla. Elon is also working on a mind boggling technology in Neuralink, He is developing brain-machine interfaces which could interconnect AI and the human brain.

What Elon and Carlson talked about:

Tesla CEO and Carlson talked in quite a detail about Artificial Intelligence and the dangers that it can pose. Elon once again said that AI is capable of ‘civilizational destruction’. He also expressed concerns on what he thinks is the wrongful development of AIs. Musk suggested that AIs are now being trained to lie to which Carlson agreed and added that some are even capable to withhold information from users. Elon shared his ideas of creating an AI that provides its users with the most accurate details of a topic. He said that he would call this AI: “TruthGPT”.


When Elon does introduce this new AI, it would not be as easy for him to compete with an already established market. OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard which are already out for usage will give Elon a difficult time on its release. These AIs are also being integrated to browsers. Bing and Google, which together add up to about 92% in the search engine market would be integrated with AIs before TruthGPT comes out. This would make it even harder for the brand to thrive. However, a better product with less factual inaccuracies and a more updated database might make it possible to takeover the AI market.