With 1200 Client Schools Across 120 Cities, MyClassboard Is Streamlining All The Administrative Tasks Hassle-Free


The increasing pace of technology advancement these days can be seen accelerating and resonating in our day-to-day lives. The impact of technology today in various fields like Healthcare, Education, Communication, Manufacturing, Banking, etc., is expanding on an increasing number of fronts, and the adoption of technology in all the diverse fields has started growing. The impact of technology in every sphere of life can be felt with education being no exception to it.

Technology today has its own enduring impact in the field of Education as well. From classroom teaching to online teaching, from blackboards to interactive whiteboards and from textbooks to iPads, technology brought in a continuous transformation in the educational realm.

Technology has made our learning world smaller by initiating access to everyone the education of the global classroom. With the emerging technologies in education changing the perception of learning, teaching and knowledge sharing, schools have started integrating technology in the classroom to enhance better learning and teaching.

The achievements that technology has enabled the educational sector to possess, it became inevitable for schools to anticipate for a complete school management software that manages the school administration processes with efficacy.

Here is MyClassboard, an operating system helping school administrators to manage all the clerical tasks involved in running a school like managing student and staff data, streamlining administrative tasks, maximizing communication between school and parent and inspiring the students to perform better and learn faster.

Some Insights In The Working Of MyClassBoard


Complexity in Education system, intricacies in student evaluation process and multiplicity of schools, demand automation. Else it would be a chaos. A good school management system like MyClassboard automates all the school operations, manages the school processes and simplifies the time-consuming tasks quickly and accurately.

Identifying the complexities and intricacies every school/college is facing in administration and keeping in view the need for an integrated online school management system has motivated Mr. Ajay Sakhamuri to come up with a school management software that helps the schools to focus more on academics than management.


Ajay Sakhamuri, CEO of MyClassboard Educational Solutions Pvt Ltd. founded the company, a Hyderabad-based startup, in the year 2009 with just six employees. The company now has a headcount of about 65 and has been achieving a consistent year-on- year growth of over 100 percent.

It has now about 1200 client schools/colleges across 120 cities throughout India. Ajay played a crucial role in growing the startup company to a profitable technology company and helped in spreading the customer base all over the world.

Under his leadership, MyClassboard upgraded to cloud-based services, a solution that saves 30 percent of the teacher’s time apart from improving efficiency. MyClassboard supports schools of all multiple boards of education such as CBSE, SSC, ICSE, IB and also IGCSE in India by providing a customizable platform to integrate and manage the school operations.

Under Ajay’s guidance, the MyClassboard team stands with a vision of providing affordable and user-friendly software to all schools/colleges in India that automates everything, generates insightful reports, makes schooling simpler, easier and futuristic for everyone involved.

What It Offers

MyClassboard offers modules that every institution needs like Admissions module, Gradebook, Parent Teacher communicator, Attendance tracker, Timetable scheduling module, Transport management application, Fee management application and many other feature rich modules. It also has many other innovative products for schools like CCE module for CBSE schools, Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) for Autonomous Universities/Colleges.

Few modules such as School Fee Counter, HR & Payroll, Transport and Attendance are made available for integration with software like Accounting, Biometric, Vehicle Tracking, GPS, Payment Gateways, etc. MyClassboard has its core competency in fee collection and reconciliation process.

Today, MyClassboard has Ryan International School, Orchids International School, Rockwell International School, Silver Oaks International School and many more renowned schools as few of its major clients. MyClassboard caters on providing round the clock support for services of its products.

When all schools were struggling to manage their administration processes and school chores, MyClassboard put forth it’s school management software to ease the burden on school management. Thousands of students, hundreds of admission queries, piles of attendance sheets and report cards, MyClassboard application ushers you to streamline all your administrative tasks hassle-free and monitor operations of every department closely.

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