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Mylnk – Helping You Get a Perfect, Personalized URL

When it comes to online or digital marketing and page optimization, URL plays the key role. An URL or ‘Uniform Resource Locator’ is nothing but an address of your website on the internet, which helps people to find your website on search engines.

Now, we all know how important it is to get high rankings in the search engines in order to increase your business prospects. Herein lies the importance of getting a good URL structure. And MyLnk is a leading link shortener and URL management solution provider that can give your website an edge.

So, let’s take a look at MyLnk and its products and services and also talk about the founder of the company and how MyLnk was conceptualized and then given a concrete shape.

More about Mylnk and Its Founder     

As mentioned already, MyLnk is an innovative platform for link shortening and URL management to help marketers get customized and personalized web links to reach the right audience. It was founded in the year 2017 with the vision of adding a personalized touch to the myriad web-links that are being shared continuously. It can shorten a link right away with great analytics and with an easy and simple interface.

Mylnk was conceptualized and founded by Neel Sinha in order to create a distinctive difference in the way marketing in the new age is perceived and executed. An IIM alumnus, and an engineer, Neel has been a prolific sales professional leading multiple strategic wins for the organizations he has worked for.

Being born into a middle-class Indian family, Neel has indulged himself into building relationships right from his childhood days. In his near 25 years of professional life, he has traveled around the world in sales and leadership roles. After launching his first startup, nFaktor in 2015, Neel launched his second startup – MyLnk in November 2017.

His first venture, nFaktor is headquartered in Bengaluru. It is a business advisory consulting firm that works with organizations to help them create or elevate market impact with their products, solutions, and services.

The company provides marketing strategy services, consulting and execution through social media marketing, brand activation, research & analytics, and design. nFaktor focuses on creating an integrated marketing experience through a content journey that guides buyers and prospects in their decision-making process.

So, What Inspired Neel Sinha to Start nFaktor and MyLnk?

When asked what inspired him to start MyLnk, Neel Sinha replied, “Over the years, I realized that though there was a lot of resident knowledge in SMEs and start-ups; many of them lacked the necessary focus to make their offerings attractively visible to the target market. As a result, these offerings were seen as sub-standard in comparison to the already prevalent solutions in the market. nFaktor was born to bridge that gap!”

Being visible, especially in the right place holds the key for any business. This is exactly where nFaktor comes in. It facilitates business growth ‘by a factor of n’ and helps create and retain brand influence in an age where multi-billion dollar brands get created in a short span of time and then many of these sink in almost the same time or less.

Being a business advisory company, nFaktor provides the much-needed consultancy services in sales, marketing, and branding to create, nurture, and enhance the marketing footprint of an enterprise. Depending upon client’s company, solution, and market; nFaktor segregates a particular solution into to the need to inform the market, build or change a perception, re-excite the market and so on, and then works towards a custom solution based on the time and budgets available.

A strong proponent of sustained communications, nFaktor utilizes diverse technologies namely Media Analytics (mostly web-based), CRM tools, and Mobile Apps to reach customers and measure the reach. On the other hand, the idea of MyLnk took shape from the thought of adding a personalized flavor, as personalization is crucial for a better service.

So, “MyLnk brings in that thought of adding a personalized flavor. MyLnk is a platform that powers marketing and helps to leverage business activities – it is the perfect solution for businesses to reach the right audience with shortened, branded or customized website links”, remarked Neel Sinha.

What is Link Shortening and URL management and How do they help businesses?

Businesses across all domains regularly send links to their customers and prospects via e-mails or WhatsApp messages or SMSes. But, longer URLs look shabby, meaningless, and also old-fashioned. So, link shortener, also known as URL shortener or link customizer is a service that takes a long URL and shortens it.

The URL management service, on the other hand, helps to analyze the clicks drawn on social and digital platforms. This is because, ultimately, it is the clicks that matter.

To put it in the words of Neel Sinha, “In the rise of Twitterati, long URL links started becoming a problem, and shortening them became necessary as every character counted in the set limit. With the rise in Facebook feeds, the need for meaningful URLs became a necessity.”

While outlining the benefits of link shortening to businesses, Neel said, “keeping their online customers and followers happy, is not the only purpose behind using a link-shortener. Apart from helping to make a link meaningful and track it clicks, the most significant benefits offered by link shorteners include performance tracking, promoting, sharing, and increasing returns on investments and click-through rates.”

What is Unique about MyLnk

Every industry has many players competing with each other to gain more market share. The market of link shortener and URL management also has many players with each player focusing on various functionalities. MyLnk was specifically founded with the idea of creating a package that includes everything a marketer would need and that too at an affordable price.

So, what makes MyLnk stands out among its competitor is that one gets all the features one needs without worrying about the marketing budget. According to Neel Sinha, the three main differentiators that make MyLnk attractive as a link shortener are –

  1. Control Validity: MyLnks created can be set to have an expiry date
  2. Campaigns: Group links into one folder for easy tracking and access
  3. Same Link, Different Destinations: MyLnk when created, can have different destination link than the one that it was created with, giving an opportunity for marketers to not lose out on traffic.

MyLnk was built to help marketers track the links they share and open up possibilities with links that have an expiry date. For example, for running a short sale or a free giveaway, you can use Mylnk that is valid only for that specific duration. Once the campaign is over, you can redirect the link to reach a different destination. All these make MyLnk stands out as a Marketing tool made with a deep understanding of the nuances of marketing.

Challenges and Takeaways

In this cluttered world of ‘no USP’, it is a challenge to differentiate oneself from the crowd by emphasizing on ‘how we do it’. It is also a challenge to align customers’ needs to the need of an enterprise. In this regard, Mr. Neel Sinha commented, “Once we engage with our customers, we focus on aligning ourselves with the need of our customers and markets. Once we understand this, both – ours and our customers’ objectives, become the same and it is easier to get a larger picture and deliver.”

But what helped MyLnk to differentiate its services and create a unique place for itself in the market is its focus on acquiring an understanding of specific industries and businesses it operates in. It is giving the MyLnk team a body of bringing pre-existing knowledge which is so important in creating market differentiating messages and content.

The company believes in having an innovative approach to market penetration by creating a distinction in everything, be it message creation, strategy execution, or choosing a medium. The company is confident in its belief that an organization’s ability to maximize the ways of innovatively engaging audiences through a diverse yet integrated set of approaches ultimately gives it the market success.

The Journey So Far 

Describing his journey as an entrepreneur and also the journey of MyLnk, Mr. Neel Sinha said, “I believe that the key constituent of success is drive and motivation, and the acknowledgment that the going would be tough. I was lucky to have a supportive family, and a set of personal and professional friends, who really eased out the ‘tough going part’.”

For Neel, each day of this journey has been fun and adventurous whether it is fixing laptop keywords, or delivering CXO presentations, or ramping up a team to travel overseas to get new business. However, personal time and personal preference have been the key sacrifice for him. But according to Neel, all of this worth it and therefore, he cherishes all his experiences – bitter or sweet, and said that he would not like to trade the experience with anything.

‘Happiness at Work’ aptly describes the motto of the company when it comes to treating its employees. In nFaktor, the team structure is flat with role-based responsibilities, instead of designation-based. This highlights the flexibility of the organization. Neel Sinha believes that the sharing of responsibilities creates greater bonding. The company is planning to acquire limited but higher value talent and thus, reach a team strength of 50 in this fiscal year.

Today, nFaktor has a diverse client base, right from Fortune 500 companies in the IT infrastructure space to startups in Education, Internet, Real estate, Fashion, Software products, food processing, etc. On the other hand, MyLnk’s customer base comprises individuals and organizations. Even some YouTubers leverage MyLnk to share their links. The paid version of MyLnk has been recently launched giving its users some additional features.

The Strengths of the Company

Both nFaktor and MyLnk have always focused on creating the mindset of a distinct brand within every organization or an individual that they work with. The company takes pride in the strategies it leverages to understand and create differentiators from perfectly normal scenarios within its client organizations. nFaktor’s consulting services are primarily focussed on ‘Go To Market’ strategies and on finding ways to leverage various channels and media of marketing to influence direct sales.

The Future Plans

nFaktor foresees itself as an enabler in new market growth, both in the external market reach programs as well as in the internal sales and channel enablement programs.

Having already expanded its business beyond shores this financial year, nFaktor is planning to launch its first overseas presence to cater better to the South Asian and Australian markets. The company is also building tools and frameworks that align with evolving market dynamics to make execution faster, more efficient, and measurable.

The Funding Scenario

The major chunk of the initial funds of the company was invested in Technology as having a robust product was the key to make MyLnk successful.

Neel Sinha lets us know that they are currently on a low marketing budget and are trying to organically reach out to users through events and barter promos.

There are about 200 users across the globe who were acquired organically with zero marketing. At present, MyLnk is not planning to raise funds to ramp up the marketing efforts.

MyLnk is a tool that has umpteen uses and will not only aid marketers but also the commoners who share links. Recently, MyLnk Location has been launched which is a free to use platform that according to Neel, would transform the way people across the globe share their locations.

It allows users to take an existing location and converts the link to something much simpler and rememberable. So, everyone on the planet can have a location pin for the places of their choice.

You can visit location.mylnk.in for your location pin.

As an organization, MyLnk has grown through organic methods. They created a community of IT decision makers (www.itdmn.in), as well as a community of more than a thousand IT thought leaders.

The recently launched MyLnk (www.mylnk.in) is an awesome marketing tool, which is sure to help marketers become super marketers. We wish Neel Sinha and the entire team of MyLnk success and hope that their innovative services will keep helping online marketers reach the target market.



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