Reason Why 5 Million Users Are Fighting For MyVegas Loyalty Points !

myvegas loyalty points

The MyVegas Facebook game, and The MyVegas Slots App and Konami Slot App are huge hits. More than 5 million players use play on a regular basis and for good reason. They all want to one incredible rewards available through the loyalty points (LP) system and the M life program.

Loyalty Point Rules

The loyalty point system is like most other reward systems. You earn points for taking specific actions, playing select games and joining events. Players are allowed to earn a maximum limit of 2,000 loyalty points per day. Players must be 18 years of age or older to play, but must be 21 years of age or older to create an M life account. An M life account is required to take advantage of the loyalty point prizes.

The M life program was created my MGM Grand International and while it doesn’t directly apply to all MGM Grand locations, it does cover most. Any actions taken by players to attempt to “cheat” the system and obtain more loyalty points can cause in action being taken by Playstudios, including banning of the account and or loss of loyalty points.

Loyalty points are not “owned” by the player, they are the sole property of Playstudios. They reserve the right to change the total amount on any player’s account at any given time. This is typically only done in instances where someone has taken advantage of an exploit, either willingly or unwillingly, and it must be corrected.

Loyalty points are non-transferable in the slots app and in all versions of the game and may not be sold or traded in any way. This means players cannot sell their accounts. All accounts are required to provide proof of age, including M life accounts. Only 3 rewards can be claimed within a single 30-day period. Each prize is redeemable for one person, on one account. Multiple offers may be able to be combined, but special rules apply and can be found in the terms of service section of the specific purchase transaction.

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