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NASA astronauts have been to the moon so many times. As technology has advanced, it has become relatively easier to stay on the moon than it was twenty years ago. However, how do astronauts survive on the moon without the internet? Internet is a basic need nowadays and spending time all alone, outside earth, sounds a little scary.

No Twitter on the moon, no Instagram on the moon’ well. Things are about to change up there. Nokia has been working on a project to introduce 4G networks on the Moon. The years’ old tech giant plans to install a 4G cellular communication network on Moon which will enable high-speed internet connectivity for the visitors if any. Nokia tries to go through with a similar project in the past but was unsuccessful, but now NASA has shaken hands with Nokia and funded $14.1 million to go through with the project.

Credits: https://rb.gy/6wg8rf

NASA has been working on the same mission and has certainly kept aside a budget of $370 million out of which only $14.1 million is given to Nokia to build a 4G network infrastructure for the Moon. NASA has thoughtfully selected a handful of 14 American companies along with several small businesses to develop a varied range of technologies that will assist and ensure the success of Artemis operations on Moon. NASA intends to finish the project by the end of the decade.

NASA is only working with American companies for this project and it has only selected Nokia of American Corporation for developing 4G infrastructure. Hence, only Nokia of American Corporation will be receiving the cheque of $14.1 million.

Credits: https://rb.gy/czmhjy

Why is NASA spending so much money on Moon?

According to an official statement, NASA’s vision and mission for Moon are very certain as it wants to build all kinds of mission-ready capabilities that will assist them for future missions, maintain a sustainable presence on Moon and ensure its capabilities for planning and executing future missions to Mars.

Nokia has witnessed its share of downfall, as back in 2018, the tech company partnered with Vodafone Germany to execute a similar project and promised to bring 4G internet connectivity on the Lunar land by 2019. Although, we all know that it could not happen and the mission was not a success but the company is ready with the plan this time and is working with NASA to achieve their goal.

Credits: https://rb.gy/znuh7u

According to United Press International, official statements have floated that the technology which Nokia has proposed will allow lunar surface communications. Their technology will be even more reliable than earth standards and the network will reach greater distances at super-high speeds.

Nokia is confident about this project and in the future if regular people get to travel the Moon, who knows you’d be able to post an IG story directly from outer space.




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