NASA studying about building Wi-Fi network on the moon

A new study by NASA reveals that they are working on making Wi-Fi work on the moon known as “lunar Wi-Fi”. This research is part of bringing solutions to the areas across parts of the US where there is no internet access. It also includes the need to help inform future Artemis missions.

Director of technology incubation and innovation at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, Mary Lobo said in a statement,  “This presented a great opportunity to develop solutions to the challenges we face sending astronauts to the Moon under Artemis while also addressing a growing societal issue in our hometown.”

The Artemis program was unveiled last year which aims to land people on the moon. The plan was to launch an uncrewed mission to the moon in 2021 first and then a lunar landing in 2024. Currently, the study conducted by NASA’s Compass Lab to set up Wi-Fi is crucial. As stated by Compass Lab lead at NASA Glenn, Steve Oleson, the study is important because “crew, rovers, science instruments, and mining equipment, will need reliable communication links to a lunar/Artemis basecamp and ultimately back to Earth,”

Additionally, the lack of internet access to certain areas is a socio-economic concern in the country. Digital inequality has worsened during the pandemic. As per the report by the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, there are no internet services in 31% of the households in Cleveland.