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NASA’s SPHEREx astrophysics mission to be conducted by SpaceX

SpaceX has now become the go-to company for NASA for space missions. And recently the company has secured another contract to conduct NASA’s SPHEREx astrophysics mission. The mission is to carry a science-heavy probe to the Earth’s orbit in 2024. This partnership was announced by the jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. This mission will be another huge step for SpaceX while doing missions for NASA.

NASA’s SPHEREx astrophysics mission

The science probe is said to be about 178 Kgs in weight and will be carried by the Falcon 9 rocket. As of now the plan to launch the probe is on June 2024 from the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. The entire mission will be managed by NASA and SpaceX’s work will only be to deliver the probe to the Earth’s orbit. The SPHEREx probe will come under NASA’s explorer’s program in the mission. While the other crafts included in the mission will be the TESS and ICON. All these crafts will study different things about Earth and Space, and send the information for further study.

NASA's SPHEREx astrophysics mission

Image Source: Space.com

The probe carried to the Earth’s orbit will spend 2 years there. It will conduct four different surveys during this time by scanning the skies with the infra-red light. The aim is to look for distant galaxies and things that are normally not visible to humans with the naked eye. NASA plans to use the data of the galaxies and the stars from the aircraft to make a space map housing the position of everything they have discovered till date.

Another important thing about the mission is that NASA will be looking for life in space. In addition to looking for different galaxies and stars, the probe will also search for water and other organic substances in areas with the possible chance of having a planet formation. This will not only help us further our knowledge about space but also look for another sustainable place for life.

NASA’s comment about the mission

The association said that this mission would be great for astronomers as it will provide them with huge amounts of data. It will also help them understand why and how the universe expanded so quickly after the Big bang. It will be a great achievement for them and help humanity uncover a lot of new things about Space.

The mission is said to cost about $98.8 million, including everything from launch to operation. Do you think that NASA’s SPHEREx astrophysics mission will help us uncover something new about Space? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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