What is the startup community saying about Net Neutrality ?


The debate and discussion on Net Neutrality is at its peak. And rightly so. As a reaction to the huge backlash they received, Flipkart yesterday ended their deal with Airtel Zero. Below are some of the reactions from the industry and business on the topic of Net Neutrality.

Yogendra Vasupal, Founder & CEO of Stayzilla.com has said

Airtel Zero seems like an innovative solution to bring Internet to every person. Whether this is on a firm footing will be decided by the actual implementation. The current way of individual companies buying Internet for their consumers is a slippery slope.

The right way to do it would be through a central consortium formed from the ecommerce companies and who has the interests of both the startups in this sector and the end users in mind. After all Internet is all about freedom of choice. Keeping that in mind, currently it would be free only if you use a particular company makes it free at the cost of the freedom of choice it offers. This is everyone’s loss.