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Netflix launches new ‘Download for You’ feature on Android


Source: TV[R]EV

Netflix is one of the most popular OTT platforms in the entire world which has gotten very popular in the past 5 to 10 years. Netflix’s popular phrase ‘Netflix and Chill’ is on everyone’s mind when they think about the application. Headquartered in the United States, Netflix has become the go-to when consuming content online, be it your favourite TV Shows or your favourite movies.

Having said that, Netflix has recently launched its latest feature which is named as ‘Downloads for You’ wherein the user, like they used to get popular recommendations based on their watch history, will now be automatically downloading on their smartphone.

With this feature, Netflix wants to make content consumption and finding the right show or movie for you very easy. The company says that almost three years ago, Smart Downloads was introduced on the app wherein users could find the next episode automatically downloaded on the device, even when you’re out and about. This feature is intended for users to discover their next favourite TV Show or movie and get it automatically downloaded to their smartphone without any hassle.

Netflix is a head-to-head competitor with other OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Disney+ Hotstar and others in India but still, on the whole, Netflix is globally the number one OTT platform.

The COVID-19 induced lockdown pushed the user’s online OTT content consumption by almost 90% as everyone was sitting at home with no socialisation at all. Everything in the country was closed and people were legit on a break. Since movie halls and big screens were also closed, Netflix and other OTT platforms became a saviour during this time. This phenomenon of massive content consumption on smartphones and other devices was accelerated by the availability of cheap internet plans and affordable smartphone devices in India.

However, Downloads for You seems to be an efficient feature and useful for many while discovering and watching content. Netflix also says that the download capacity of the smartphone will be in the hands of the users at all time. They need to go to the downloads tab to select how much they can download, be it 1GB, 2GB, 10GB etc. depending on users.

Netflix has become very popular and the company actively introduces new features for its users in India and globally to enhance user experience on the application and to make content consumption an overall seamless experience.



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