YouTube Premium memes

Netizens get a good dose of laughter as YouTube Premium praises and jokes grace Twitter.

Twitter has the unique ability to come up with diverse and interesting topics of discussion that capture the collective interest. It is imperative that news of significance elicits responses from the users. However, what is notable is the way people get engaged in any discussion that wears the cloak of intrigue. And today the center stage is taken by YouTube premium. Yes, you heard it right. And worry not, it is not yet another ad that keeps haunting you whenever you open YouTube(If you hear echoes of Spotify premium here, it is absolutely normal and your sanity levels are intact).

YouTube Premium memes

Twitter’s Dose Of Fun

A daily dose of fun is crucial for a healthy life particularly in the context of the pandemic. Something inside me insists on reminding you to not miss the sarcasm in the previous sentence since the mention of the pandemic adds a shade of solemnity to everything. Coming back to YouTube Premium now. So why is this trending all of a sudden? Now a good majority might be of the opinion that embarking on a quest to discover the reason behind Twitter trends will not be that fruitful.

However, whether there is a solid reason or not, a trend is a trend and worth the discussion. Users are going all out with the YouTube premium trend. While some of them are wondering whether there are actually humans who pay for the premium(that includes this fellow writer), others are busy defending it stating that it is much less irksome and better than Spotify premium. No offense, but Spotify premium has indeed a way of either teaching people the virtue of patience or messing up their anger management system. And in some cases both. It is imperative that this topic will attract a lot of responses. But we will come back to our original topic. So what are your thoughts? Do you belong to that group of humans who have managed to rise above the promises of premium? Or are you among those rare species who have actually availed the premium? Now here are some answers from Twitterati to those questions.

YouTube never gets tired. Nor does it care about propriety.

Good question. If only we could ask that every time the other question came up.

I don’t think anybody is partial to ads. Neither do I think there will be many optimistic about paying to get rid of those ads. Opinions might vary.

Priorities are priorities after all.

Skepticism is seeping into my veins as well.

Need a topic for debate? Here you go.

Some things are devoid of any reason my friend.

Somebody is finally echoing my doubts.

And a probable answer.

Jokes apart, on a diplomatic note, getting premium or not is totally up to you (and your bank balance). So don’t let anything stop you from getting what you want. After all, it is called YouTube. The ‘You’ matters.