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Netizens unleash a meme fest following the news of WhatsApp banning 2 million Indian accounts.

Twitter is caught up in a deluge of memes as netizens react to the WhatsApp ban of about 2 million Indian accounts between May 15 and June 15. The accounts were banned in accordance with the new IT rules. Apparently, WhatsApp is not looking forward to forwarded messages that violate the number of times a message could be forwarded. And as per the reports, over 95 percent of the banned accounts fell under this category. Perhaps the folks read too much into the instant messaging app. Soon after the news made its rounds, netizens jolted awake with instant responses ready to be fired away. And not so surprisingly, ‘WhatsApp’ has made it to the trending list on Twitter. Seems like it will be a while before Whatsapp leaves the trending list.


Calling Out The Spamming Behavior

A good number of responses on Twitter that came forth in the form of hilarious memes took jibes on the spamming tendencies that were borderline annoying. After all, you cannot blame WhatsApp. Because after a while, it gets on the nerves. There is nothing that can hammer down the calmness of the psyche than endless spam. Perhaps it is time for people to find a balance and regulate the vigor with which they send messages.


The main aim behind the ban is to regulate the flow of unwanted and potentially harmful messages. Now might be the time to note that WhatsApp is indeed keeping track of the accounts that send an “abnormal rate of messages.” However, it cannot be denied that the ban came as an out-of-the-blue slap at least for some of the users who had not even the ghost of an idea why the accounts were banned.

Meme Fest Ensues On Twitter

Memes promenade the floors of Twitter town no matter what. Whatever is up with anything or anyone, memes take up their rightful place with majesty issuing sarcastic jibes mixed with the right proportions of wit and humor. Thanks to WhatsApp, memes are in full swing now. Certain movie dialogues are also coming in as quite handy to add to the fun of the memes. After all, unleashing a downpour of memes is one thing Twitterati is quite good at. If you need to know more about what is up with WhatsApp, here is a small glimpse.

Looks like the ban van missed a few people. But do not worry. Their helpful kin is here to remind WhatsApp.

They have absolutely no idea what hit them. It was another fine day looking forward to forwarding messages. And something seems backward all of a sudden.

What is more painful here? Getting banned or getting friend-zoned.

Two million is not such a small number. And to think that about 2 million accounts were actively spamming to the extent that they brought on a ban. Challenging times indeed.

Is this a random act of catharsis or appreciation post for the ban?

Desi memes never stop brewing. And the movie lines that seem like they are tailor-made to fit the meme.

A question that seems a bit out of context. But nevertheless.




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