Neuberger Berman adds Bitcoin and Ethereum to their portfolio

Neuberger Berman adds Bitcoin and Ethereum as the demand for cryptocurrencies increases. The investment firm has over $400 billion in assets under management, making them one of the largest. And the fact that they have active investments in BTC and ETH is a big deal for the crypto industry. The information regarding this was disclosed through form 497 that the firm filed under the SEC.

Neuberger Berman adds Bitcoin and Ethereum

Neuberger Berman adds Bitcoin and Ethereum
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.The firm’s latest form filing will allow them to add exposure to BTC and ETH. It will also allow them to provide crypto investment services to their clients. Considering their size, it is evident that they will have huge clients, and giving them exposure to crypto is very bullish for the markets. The firm also plans on launching derivatives and futures for BTC and ETH that will be available to its clients. And for those who are not into direct investment, Neuberger Berman also plans to bring trusts and ETFs for indirect crypto exposure.

Bitcoin is bullish

With the current activity in the Bitcoin world, the markets are very bullish. The number of new users on the network is increasing at a very fast pace. At the same time, the network is also seeing a rise in hodlers. As of now, Bitcoin has the same number of long term hodlers as it had back when the price was at $13,000. This is bullish as in previous bull runs, the reason that prices plummeted was the hodlers selling their coins. But things are different this time. In fact, the growing interest of investors and financial institutions is a clear example that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay.

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