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New Era Of Entertainment – the Firestick

The Introduction

The new word when it comes to unlimited access to entertainment such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or HBO is ‘Firestick.’ Now, let me explain in detail what a firestick is?

The Amazon TV Firestick, the Fire Cube, and the Firestick are a cost-effective way to turn any TV, with an HDMI port into an internet streaming device. The firestick can help you ‘spoof’ your location, granting you the ability to stream geo-locked media content as well.

And, you can use certain apps to hide your content and destination of internet traffic from the prying eyes of internet service providers. 

But, if you want steady streaming, without any interruptions for buffering, you want to get yourself a good VPN service. Moreover, you can get such improved performance at affordable prices. And, bypass blockers and filters with a VPN connection.

However, if you aren’t careful choosing the right VPN, then you may actually slow down streaming even more.

So, what is that you need to look out for when you go for choosing the VPN service? Read on to find out.


The first thing that you have to consider is the speed of the connection that you want. If you happen to watch online videos or play games online, then you have to have a fast VPN service. So, you need to go with someone that has strong servers, fewer users, and is geographically closer to you.


Any VPN service provider worth its name costs a tad bit more, as it provides you with safer connections and complete anonymity. But, if you have more devices to connect, then you can save a fair amount through bulk discounts.

Moreover, quite a few VPN providers offer free-trail periods to try out their connections, so don’t forget to try before you buy. And, you may even save some dosh trying out different trial periods of various VPN providers.


When going for a VPN connection, make sure to go for something easy to understand and cleanly designed. That way if you do encounter problems such as firewall issues or connection problems, you may be able to quickly resolve them yourselves. 

Going for something that is too complicated means that every time the connection fails, you need to wait till a sales rep comes in to fix your connection.

Server Location

It’s always a good idea to go for a VPN connection that has servers close to your location. The closer the server is to your geographical location, the faster the load time

Most well-known VPN service providers have their servers across the world, this means that you have anonymity as well as more speedy streaming.

Trust Issues

Remember that VPN service is not only to keep anonymity on the internet but also to keep out all snooping as far as your internet activity goes. So, you want to go with a VPN service that is known for its strict privacy policy. 

In Conclusion

We’re hoping that you find the article interesting as well as helpful. Firestick is great if you want to watch geo-restricted media content. But, according to this site, it can only help you so far. So, if you want a non-stop fun time watching movies all day long from multiple channels, then you ought to go for a VPN service too. 



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